Young Love Part 6Galz only A justin bieber luv story)Sorry if sent to guys is the link 2 JBs room

Chapter 1

his room

he was about to kiss u but then his mom walks up.
JB;MOM!!!cant u knock first
JBM:well im srry that i cant trust u with this beautiful young lady'
u blush on a scale of 1-10 ur face was about a 1000000 u broke it loll
then justin goes to get the baby to feed it and stuff like that.then when hes down there he talks to his mom.
JB;mom yd u have to do that
JBM b/c im a mom thats my job
JB wow i cant believe that u would do that u know that i can handle it
JBM fine do whateva u want to
Justin gets back to his awesome room.u notice hes pi$$ed
U:Justin, whats wrong
Jb:moms trying to run my life agian
U;shes just doing that b/c she wants the best 4 u and she loves u A LOT
JB shes treating me as a baby
U my parents do that also but i respect them
u r so pi$$ed u walk out and Scream i need some time to myself
JB thinking WTF is her problem
u ask Patty(jb mom) to run u home while crying.
P whats wrong honey
U it might not sound right but its justin
P what did he do?
U hes complaining about u
P he does that a lot
U he dosent realize what u has until u loos it
P what do u mean?
U i didnt want to tell u b4 justin but when i was 5 my mom and dad died in a car accident
P but honey u dont have 2 b mad @ him
U yes i HAVE to he has badmouthed u enough u r an awesome lady he dosent understand i miss my parents and i HAVE to live in an old place with these ppl i dont know from a hole in the ground
P maybe u should tlk to him about it
U Patty i hope ur right he might under stand
P im pretty sure that he will
U Patty can u run me back 2 ur house or ill tlk 2 him ovr the phone
P ill bring u back then u hug patty as if she was ur mom
U THANK YOU I O U big time
P your welcome
then on the way back to Justin and Pattys house u r listening to JBs home recordings a laugh escapes every now and then
then u guys reach the house u hear weeps from upstairs then.................................................................................................

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