you saved me (an emo love story!!!!)

i have read so many emo love stories I just decided to make one so I hope you guys enjoy and if you like this story i want at least 25 comments to see if its good or not cause I dont want to write something and no one like it

Chapter 1

The beggining of a new life

by: MrsBoddy
It was the middle of the school year when we had two new students one boy and the other a girl both goth i could tell byhow they dressed the boy in a black slip-not shrit and black jeans with black hair and sparkling hazel blue eyes also the girl wore a paramore designed tshirt with skinny jeans she had brown hair and lime green eyes As I stood there at my locker the principal came my way with them and stopped right infront of me as i said " Crap what did I do this time Mr. Dan" "carla watch your language and your not in trouble I just want you too show Autumn and mitchell around school and maybe make some friends" Mr.Dan said trying to smile "yes Sir" I said with a sarcastic witty smile. After a couple of min. he walked down the half slanted hallway looking weirdly out of place like he was from some weird nightly sitcom until I heard a voice which snapped me out of mythought "Hey carla right? nice to meet you" autumn said "yup thats me and nice to meet you too" I tried to say as welcoming as i could Just then Autumn hit her brother upside the head and said "Come on man just because she's pretty doesn't mean you have the right to not speak to her" Autumn said laughing and then looked at my face which was the brightest shade of red so I looked down to my feet so no one else would notice "Dont be embarresed because you are really pretty and you should be proud of that" Mitchell said so I looked back up and said " NO theres nothing to be proud of Cause im no were cloths to pretty" I said starting to tear up "what who ever told you that lie" Mitchell said pittying me "Just shut-up and stop pittying me" I yelled then sat on the floor hugging me knees.But just then my phone rang and my ringtone iIHate Everything about you by Three Days Grace came on
and i straight away knew it was my mom which i really didnt feel like talking to becase when I was aboutfour years old my dad left my mom and she started to drink which caused her to be become very abusive but I still answered the phone and said "hey mom you need somthing cause im fixing to come home" i said crying a little "You know what im tired of you treating me like Im a baby so you can take your Ugly, good for nothin sassy attitude and get out of my house you have an hour to come get your stuff and leave BYE." My mom had said yelling over the phone the whole time. "You know what who gives a crap and hope you"ll go die uhh No,no,no Im sorry god i didn't really mean it" I said then looked back up to see Autumn and Mitchell starring at me "how could your mom say and do all that stuff to you thats just wrong"Autumn said then looked at Mitchell while he interupted "well she could always come live with us if she needed too" "what why would she do that we just meet her for all she knows is we could be mass murderers which of course were not " Autumn said looking at her brother like he was stupid "okay but you guys have to help me pack" I said laughing.
"what you mean you are really gonna move in with two almost complete strangers and good cause we also didnt know how we were getting home" Autumn said shocked then happy.

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