you saved me (an emo love story!!!!)

i have read so many emo love stories I just decided to make one so I hope you guys enjoy and if you like this story i want at least 25 comments to see if its good or not cause I dont want to write something and no one like it

Chapter 19

Wait what???

by: MrsBoddy
Normal point of view:

As we came to a stop at the gate and it opened my face beamed with excitment I just couldnt wait for this magical night to begin. How did I come to deserve such a guy like him he was just so perfect and I wasn't "I love you" I said turning around and looking him in the eyes "Babe I love you too" He said. My heart started to beat faster like it had the first time we meet and I was falling for him all over again. It was like i was in a trance or some kind of spell. "Well lets go" He said snapping me out of my day dream "Uhh yeah sure" I said running along beside him. After about two hours later we had been on every ride except for one and that was the ferris wheel. When we got on it was so romantic but it was getting very cold so I cuddled up beside Mitchell as he put his arm around me and I looked up to the sky it was so beautiful there were so many stars. Then out of nowhere I look back towards him and he is on one knee "Carla will you be the only girl that I'll ever love will you be the one I wake up beside every morning well what Im trying to say Is would you give a fool like me the honors of having your hand in marrage" He said pulling out a box that held the prettiest ring I had ever seen. I was star struck I couldn't say anything so I just nodded my head yes. "What really you mean it ohh thank you Carla I love you so much I dont know what I would have done if you would have said no" he said sitting back down.

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