you saved me (an emo love story!!!!)

i have read so many emo love stories I just decided to make one so I hope you guys enjoy and if you like this story i want at least 25 comments to see if its good or not cause I dont want to write something and no one like it

Chapter 2

Wow i didnt see that coming

by: MrsBoddy
I didnt say anything as we headed to my house in my old purple convertible that I had worked so hard to get and finaly did. They didnt know how much they helped me out cause I could have been sitting ont he street homless right now and I didnt know how I could ever repay them. Then all of a sudden Autumn says " I love your car and your so lucky you got one" " Yeah I took along time to be able to pay for this car but I finally did cause I had to end up working at more than 5 jobs" I said being a little proud of my " wow thats a lot of jobs for one girl thats still in school" Mitchell said as we pulled up to my small little 1 story house and I got out ready to go pack me stuff and make a quick get away but sadly for me my mom was already back from the bar early " uhhmmm hay you dont mind if I bring my baby pitbull do you" I asked on the verge of crying if they said no "ohhh of course nto me and my sister love dogs" Mitchell said while I through my important memories and other impotant stuff into the bag. "So whos that" Mitchell said pointing to a picture I knew way to good " uhhh well thats my dad he died in a plane crash on his way back home from a buisness meeting cause I got so sick I was put in the hospital and know my mom hates me cause she says its all my fault he died and I dont blame her for being mad at me either I probally diserve it" I said my voice becoming more fragile with each word "What Thats bull I cant believe your mom would blame you for your dads death and I am so sorry" Mitchell said hugging me "Its fine im really used to it I just never thought it would have got this bad" I said throwing my suitcase into my trunk " BAMMMMMM" I heard a loud crashing sound come from the kitchen "Mom are you ok I asked slamming the trunk of my car and running towards the living room " Ohhh shut-up you goody two shoes you think your all that you think your so pretty wel guess what your not and youll never be I hate you I wish instead of your dad coming home on that plane and dieing I wish that you would have not woke up from your comma I wish you would have died there you good for nothing selfish piece of trash" she said slurring her words and poking me in the chest when I would step back so instead of fighting I ran out the house with autumn holding my dog roxy and mitchell following also.But all of a sudden I didnt fell to good and my brain started to process everyting from the last couple of years and then I began to fall but before I could hit the ground I felt strong arms pick me up and put me in the car.

Authors note
To be continued muhahahahaha I finally wrote another chapter yesss Sorry it took me so long Ive just been really stressed out from school and Ive been sick on and off so I hope you guys enjoy and comment please

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