you saved me (an emo love story!!!!)

i have read so many emo love stories I just decided to make one so I hope you guys enjoy and if you like this story i want at least 25 comments to see if its good or not cause I dont want to write something and no one like it

Chapter 3

My new house and may I just say WOW

by: MrsBoddy
I had woke up in a huge bedroom decorated with slip-knot and avenged 7-fold posters,Just stuff like that. So I got out of bed and walked towards an walkout window im guessing it lead to a balcony yups sure does I thought to myself but then as I walked fully out I saw Mitchell sitting in a clear see through chair rubbing my dog named Roxy " ohhh mitchell what happened to me" I asked walking infront of him. So then all of a sudden he jumps up a hugs me like there is no tommorow It felt so comforting all my worries just faded away I know I had only just meet him but I was falling head over heels for him "Carla Gosh you scared us you ended up passing out but luckily I caught you and then I let you sleep in my room cause my sister has to clean out one of the other big rooms so I really hope you dont mind" He said stammering "No of course not but if I may ask were did you sleep" I asked trying to keep myself from blushing "ohhh i slept in this chair last night dont worry I didnt try to hurt you" he said laughing which made me smile I mean really did he have to be soooooo cute and have such a good personality gosh I really have to stop saying that "UHmmmm so you hungry cause if so I know this great restruant" he said kind of nervously OMG was he asking me on a date "Ohhh yeah sure that would be nice" I said trying my hardest not to blush

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