you saved me (an emo love story!!!!)

i have read so many emo love stories I just decided to make one so I hope you guys enjoy and if you like this story i want at least 25 comments to see if its good or not cause I dont want to write something and no one like it

Chapter 4


by: MrsBoddy
MItchells point of view:

For a few seconds I had felt like i was in a trance once she had said yes and apparently she could tell even though she was trying her best not to blush It didnt work out so well. so after a second or two I took her by the hand and ran down the 4 flight of staires I could hear her in the background laughing and wow her laugh was so beautiful I then for once in my life felt like a little child again and may I add It was the greatest moment of my life well that and being born of course haha I knew this is stupid but I think I am in love with her if only I knew she was in love with me. But I was to scared to ask I had never even had a girlfriend in my whole life cause I was saving it for that one speacil someone and I think I just found the one that I wanted to give my heart, my soul and even my last undieng breath too. Finally we had reached my black colored red lightning bolt desingned Mustang GT. So we got in and headed off to dinner hopefully I wouldnt screw this up cause i really dont want her to hate me forever.The restraunt was huge and fancy I dont even think I had been to this place since my mom took me on vacation here but WOW had it grown "So my Lady how was the ride" I said asking her as I opened her car door for her to get out. "It was very uhhmmmm exquisite" she said trying to find a word that was fancy. " So have you ever been here" I asked looking at her " No but Im glad I get to go with you" she said then grabbed my hand with a look of terror clouding her face " UHMMM Carla are you ok who is that" I asked looking over at whom she may have been gawking at with a horried expression. He had on a Black suit with a red tie, had yellow glazzed colored eyes and jet black hair he looked about in his mid. 20's I would have to say "Ahhhh Carla nice to see you here with this mighty good looking fellow may I add" the mysteries man I had never meet said to Carla with a chuckle in his voice then she whispered in my ear something that I never saw coming "Mitchell I am so sorry this is all my fault" "well are you or are you not going to introduce me to the young man here Carla" he asked with a kinda hurt face " Uhmmm his name is jacob marley" she said blurting out a name I mean what was she doing she knew my name.......didnt she?? " Dang it Carla tell me his real fricken name right now" The man yelled slamming his hand down on the wooden table " Well sir may I ask your name since your so willing to now mine" I asked pulling Carla into a hug I could tell she was terrified cause she was shaking "UHmm yes young man if you may it is william turnner" He said grinning and then held out his hand for me to shake it but all of a sudden Carla knocks his hand from my reach and says "Whos the lier now" she than screams "Can we just go home and eat somrthing Im not feeling to well any more" she said looking at me with her eyes starting to water "Yeah sure lets go" I said and then took her hand in my and walked out of the restraunt

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