just a question i need help with

Chapter 1

the longest mushyist gushyist question ive ever asked but pl suffr thu with me

there's this boy l(ets call him loyd)
well me and loyd were friends and then he asked me out like 5-7 times and i turnd him down but we stayed friends like real good firends (i remeber when he was like ima stop sweatn you but you know aubry wana go back out with me and i was like go for it but thats when i realized i kind liked him and him and aubry never got back together) but he got this new girlfriend now and all (idk her) and over chrismas break he ignord my text's which i was like ok you know i shook it off but when we started school tuesday i ignord him to my defence it was to bet back at him (it helpd he didnt have a class with me that day) when he tried to say hey and talk to me in the hall i acted lik i didnt hear him. and like on thursday i got tired of ignoring him and saw him in the hall and yelld loyd (i almost put his real name) like real loud and he startd lookin around like who said that and when he saw it was me he just turnd around and walkd away leavn me just looking stupid and feeling worse but i playd it off like i didnt kno who said it but heres the question
what does this mean i mean i kinda like him but as i said earlier we ignorin each otha but i dont wana be the one to say im sorry soo what shoud i do or should i not do nothin oh and did i mintion thats hes in the 12th and im in the 9th so should i just let it go or what
but for some reason hes like the 1st boy i just kant let go of dang im just soooo dang confuseed plz tell me what i should do

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