Power Charge

Power Charge

When eight regular teens get super abilities, they find out it is time to take a stand and learn to restore a fallen city. The journey for them is long, hard but it is a path they must follow. They must find a way to accomplish this task or they will fall trying.

Each character resembles a super power in my quiz "What Super Power Should You Have?"
I hope you like it! :D

Chapter 1

A Shocking Experience

"Get up kids!" Yelled Mrs. Hudson. "Time to get your lazy butts to school!"
Dwight stood up, yawned and went out into the kitchen. Molly shook her head and covered her head back up. Jake and Max looked at each other and moaned, resisting to move. Sam just sat up in his bed, watching everyone. He had been up for an hour anyhow.
"Get out here guys! I mean it!" Mrs. Hudson threaten her foster kids.
Jake and Max finally gave in. Side by side, they slowly went out to the kitchen. Molly stayed put. Sam sighed and walked up to her.
"Come on Molly," Sam told her as he approached her bed. "Time to go."
"It's too early! Besides, what's the point anyhow?!" Molly whined.
"Because it is time for school and we need to go," Sam snapped. Sam nudged Molly. "Mrs. Hudson's not gonna be happy with us if we don't go."
Molly uncovered her head. "Alright, alright. Let's go." Molly was not a morning person but even her hatred of mornings did not ever make her disobey Mrs. Hudson.
Sam led Molly out to the kitchen. They both took their seats at the table next to the other kids.
"You kids are too old for this," Mrs. Hudson grumbled as the teens poured their cereal. "Can't you all just get up? How old are you all now anyhow?"
"I'm 17. Dwight is 16," Sam answered quietly. "Max and Jake are 15. Molly's 14."
"Are you being smart?! You know I can take you all back to the adoption center in a matter of minutes!" Mrs. Hudson snapped bitterly.
"No, I being smart wasn't mam," Sam replied politely.
Everyone ate their breakfast in silence. The five kids washed off their dishes and got ready for school in an half an hour. They grabbed their backpacks and headed out the door.
"Bye kids!" Mrs. Hudson called.
"Bye Mrs. Hudson!" All five of them shouted in unison.
Dwight shut the door shut behind them. "Geez, i don't know how much more of her I can take!" He exclaimed.
Max nodded. "Why did we get paired with such a mean, cross old bat? I swear, she's such a bi-"
"Don't even start," Sam warned, giving Max a glare.
Max rolled her eyes.
"We need to get a new home," Molly declared.
"We are lucky we all got to go to a place together," Sam pointed out. "Even if we did get a better place to live, most likely we would be separated. Just make the best about it guys."
Dwight shrugged. "Guess your right dude."
"Yeah, I suppose so," Molly admitted.
"Well I think she's a bitter old witch!" Max said.
Sam gave her another warning glare.
"I mean it Sam! We need to get outta here!" Max yelled.
"Max, stop. It's okay," Jake whispered. He put his hand on Max's shoulder. "I'm just glad I get to be with everyone."
Max sighed. "Alright. If you're happy, so am I." Max flashed a smile at her best friend.
Jake smiled back.
Sam rolled his eyes and gave a grin.
The only one who could calm down Max when she got fired up about something was Jake. Jake was a very shy kid but very kind. He and Max were best friends. Ever since they were five and brought to their first foster home, they were inseparable.
The kids turned the corner then a scream broke through the air.
They all turned around to see a young woman, kneeling down on the sidewalk. She was wincing in pain.
The teens rushed over to her.
"Are you okay miss?!" Molly asked.
"What happened?" Dwight questioned.
Then the woman started laughing. She stood up and looked at the kids. "Oh, I'm fine." She snickered. "But you're not."
The lady pulled out a gun of some sort. The teens' eyes grew wide. Molly froze up. Max cussed under her breath and Jake latched on to Max's arm.
"Dwight! Get down with the others now!" Sam ordered.
Dwight understood and grabbed Max, Jake and Molly. He pulled them all down and held them there.
Sam held up a fist. "Drop the gun!" He yelled at the woman.
The woman laughed at Sam and pointed the gun at him. "I don't think so!" She sneered.
"SAM!" Max, Jace and Molly cried. They all tried to get to him but Dwight held them all down firmly. He was much stronger from days at the gym working out.
The woman pulled the trigger. A lightning blot flashed through the air from the gun suddenly. It went straight for Sam, causing him to fall to the ground. He lay motionless.
"RUN!" Dwight commanded to the others.
"BUT SAM!" Max insisted.
Dwight ignored her and grabbed her arm. The four of them started dashing down the street, screaming and calling for help.
Then four bolts were fired. It stuck each teen, making their bodies grew limp and paralyzing them. The woman stood in the middle of the fallen teens.
"Too easy." She gave a wicked smile.
Three people appeared behind her.
"Take them and let's get outta here. Citizens are noticing," the woman ordered.

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