Love Lost In A Forbidden Valley (A Draco Malfoy Story) part 2

so in the italics is a flashback,,, those will be occuring alot in this story, just a heads up but anyways please comment
i love all comments but i prefer the ones that say something other than next please :)

Chapter 1

Who would’ve known

by: kinewnew
“Adriana, what are you doing,” Her father asked her as she rushed into her room. She ignored him and continued upstairs. When she entered her room, the last person she wanted to see was sitting on her bed. “Adriana, I want to apolo--” Draco Malfoy started. She raised her hand, “I don’t want to hear it,” she told him and started throwing clothes in her suit case. He grabbed her arm roughly, “Adriana I--” she interrupted him again. “Please leave me alone,” she pleaded with him. “Adriana, just hear me out,” he begged. She sighed and went to go sit on the bed. “Adriana, I know you’re probably pissed at me, but I had to do those things that night,” he started and reached for her hand, but she quickly repelled. “Draco, you don’t think about anybody but yourself. Don’t try to argue with me about that, because if you did, then you would have told your aunt to stop. Not for me, but for your child.” She told him, her anger rising rapidly. “Adriana please stay?” he asked. “No Draco, I’m leaving so you better get one last look at my stomach, because this is the last time you will ever see Scorpius.” She told him and started to head for the door. He quickly caught up with her and pressed his lips against hers. “Draco, get off of me,” she said, pounding on his chest. He took her arms in his hands. “Adriana, look me in the eye and say you don’t love me. if you can do that then I will let you go with no further argument.” He told her, lifting her face up, so now they stared deep in each other’s eyes. How easy it was to get lost in his eyes, her breathing was becoming shallow. She shook all of that off, “Draco, I don’t love you,” she told him, annunciating each word. She took the ring off her finger and put it in his palm, and walked out of the room. “Father, I do not wish to leave you, but I do not belong here and if you want to see me happy, then you will let me go.” She told him. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead. “This isn’t a place for you,” he whispered, alas he understood.

“Mommy, look what happens when I do this,” Scorpius called. I looked towards him, and he was focused on the closet. I looked at it with him and in the next second the closet was on fire. “Scorpius! Stop that, Grandma Weasley will be very angry if she came home and saw that,” I told him, and the fire was out in that instant. “How did you do that,” I asked him, highly curious. He shrugged his shoulders and ran into the kitchen. Children, such complicated things. I spotted Mr. Weasley and decided to ask him about Scorpius new founded technique. “Mr. Weasley, earlier today Scorpius sort of blew up his wardrobe with a single glance…. How is that possible?”I asked him. He looked at me, with an understanding look on his face. “I was wondering when he would start showing signs,” Mr. Weasley said. “Showing signs on what?” I asked him, a bit confused. “Well Adriana, I had known your mom for a long time. So I guess its time you know that she is a skilled Occlumens. I know you are probably thinking that Occlumency is just a counter effect to Legilimency, but it is so much more. It is usually triggered when the person is severely angry, or in Scorpius’s case, the person is young and the skill is at its prime.” He told me. “Well, how come I am not an Occlumens?” I asked him. “How do you know you are not? Have you ever practiced it? I am very sure that you are, you just haven’t been mad enough to use it properly.” He told me. “Still, doesn’t it seem a bit odd with Scorpius?” I asked him. “Actually Adriana, Scorpius has to be a very lucky child. His mother and grandmother are Occlumens, and his father is skilled in Legilimency.” He told me. Now I was really confused. “You see, the Malfoys are very highly trained in Legilimency, and I’m pretty sure there master, him being a Legilimens, would have taught them a lot by now. And I’m sure that Scorpius has inherited both traits. This makes him a very powerful little boy, Adriana coming from a person that cares for you as if you were my own daughter; you have to protect Scorpius with you all. If anyone found out that Scorpius was a Legilimens and an Occlumens, and a young one at that, this would be powerful information for a death eater.” Mr. Weasley told me. I nodded and headed back upstairs. My child was powerful, and a high commodity….. to death eaters.


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