Pissed to Prissy

Pissed to Prissy

So one day my friend no names(Jerm) was being stupid and just______, insert choice word here. and so I got peezed and inspired to write a story!
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Chapter 1


I was sitting at the lunch table, no food, and my head down when Matt came over to talk to me.
"Ariel are you okay?"
"No Matt, I feel like crud,"
"Why don't you just talk to your boyfriend about it," he said mockingly,"he always seems to make you feel better."
"Matt, that's the problem."
"Oh Girly, the agony! What did he do this time? Break a date? Flirt with some other girl?"
"No Matt," I punched him in the arm, "He broke up with me."
"Oh, I'm sorry? Hello, Mrs.Irony didn't just the other day didn't you say that you wouldn't care if you guys broke up?"
"It;s not the fact that he did it, it's how he did it,"
"Girly, how'd the mean man do it?"
"I don;t wanna talk about it."
"If you don't tell me I'll -- tickle you."
"Fine! I'll tell you."
"He just walked up to me, said since he was moving that we're over, and then he left. I tired to talk to him later about it, but he just walked away without saying anything."
"Well that's because he's a "bass tard" I never liked him anyway."
"Thanks Matt, but he's not a bass tard, just an as shole that needs to learn how to talk to people. I mean does he really think my heart's not worth breaking?"
'sigh' "Ariel, you really liked it-- him, didn't you?"
"Yeah, yeah I did, but obviously I was wrong because apparently I'm worthless, and my feelings don't matter."
"as shole,"he muttered, "you're not worthless, maybe you just need someone better, that will actually care about your feelings,"
"Maybe, you know Matt, I hate the word 'maybe' all it brings is false hope or distress, I DO need someone better,"
There was a long pause until he talked again, then he put his arm around her and said,"Ariel, do you need to cry?"
"Matt, I've bottled everything up for so long, I don't think I can cry anymore."
"just try."
She put her head in her shoulder and he held her there, and then the tears started coming, and they stayed like that until the bell rang.
"Thanks I feel a lot better now."
She hugged him and then headed off to class.

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