I Hate You A Christian Beadles Love Story

here is my new story I hope you like it!some background info
name:Isabella aka Bella
friends with Caitlin Beadles and Justin Bieber and hates Christian Beadles they always hated each other since they first meet
Comment,rate,maybe even favorite?

Chapter 1

Why don't you do us all a favor and go die and hole cause no one cares for you

Ehhh its another day at school and once again I get called to a different class room because I didn't turn in my work like always. So I'm doing nothing but staying in my own bussiness like always until I get pushed in the wall and who you know pushes me and the wall its Christian. Dang! I hate him with every little thing in my body."Watch what you are doing Beadles" "Why don't you make me Hayes" "you are just mad cause I can throw a football better then you and I can skate board better then you." "no you can't!" "whatever why don't you do us all a favor and go die in a hole cause no one cares for you." "why don't you go die in a ditch" I didn't feel like dealing with him so I just punched him in the face and that caused us to get into a fight....again so a teacher pulled us apart and toke us to the prinicpals office like always it was pretty much our daily routine."Why did you punch him Bella" "because he 1 pushed me into a wall 2 was getting on my nerves 3 I didn't feel like dealing with him and last but not least 4 I hate him with all my guts and even his own guts" all she did was shake her head and sigh "why did you push her into a wall Chris?" "because I hate her and she hates me what else." "ok well the both of you have dentention and yall will sit next to each other and will be nice to each other and get along

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