Was it Really Meant to Be? A Teenage Love Story

Yes this is the exact same thing except I probably changed any typos. This is the original story to Old Flame New Spark, so if you were confused with that story, this is probably why! Anyway I hope that both my new and old fans enjoy!

Chapter 1

You, me, and a Ninja

Riiiiinng! Your phone rang. "Hello?" "Come on, hurry up, I've got something I have to show you!" it was your best friend, Tyler, you two have been best friends since well, forever. "Ok, I'm coming!" you run outside and he had this amazing motorcycle, a lime green Ninja. "Hey _ ! Like it?" "Are you kidding, more like LOVE it! Where the heck did you get that?" "Stole it, I'm just kidding, haha no, I have a cousin who is the owner of some motorcycle dealership, he ran into a few of these and decided to give me one." "Gosh, lucky." "Wanna ride?" "Depends, where to?" "Umm, I don't know, the beach I guess" "Wow, and he just GAVE it to you?" "Do you want to ride or not?" Truth was, you didn't, you were scared out of your mind. "Well it doesn't look like there's enough room..." "Trust me, with your skinny butt, you’ll fit just fine." "Ha.Ha.You won't go too fast will you?" "NO! just get on!" "Grumpy much?" "Haha." he handed you a helmet and you got on the back. "Hold on tight" he said. You noticed he got a little muscular, he said he'd been working out so he could be quarterback once school started back. He was a wide receiver last year, but he wanted to be a quarterback. You didn’t get it.You got to the beach. When you were younger you found a part of the beach that nobody knew about but you and Tyler. You had to go through some woods and climb some rocks and stuff, but it was worth being able to have a beach all to yourself. The sun was setting a beautiful golden and russet.The beach was the most beautiful place on earth when you saw the sunset, and sometimes you could see dolphins leaping out of the water. You look over at Tyler while the colors of the sunset only accentuated his bronze skin he looked like a mix between Taylor Lautner and Michael Copon(but they kinda look the same anyway) Even though you thought of him as a brother, you still thought he was attractive. And he had the most beautiful smile. For the rest of the evening you talked and talked about nothing and everything like you always do. Tyler is one of those people who are easy to talk to. "Hey _ ?" "Yeah?" "Do you want to go for a swim?" "Why? It's almost dark." "So?" "Sooo, it'll be dark and we won't be able to see anything, I mean, I don't wanna drown! Besides, I didn't bring anything to swim in." "Neither did I." he said with the smile he uses to get you to do anything he wants. "Fine." You both strip down to nothing but your underwear and ran into the ocean. He picked you up by the waist, flipped you over and threw you into the water. The two of you played around a bit and at about 8pm you left the beach.When you got home your mom was cooking dinner. "Hey _, I see Tyler got a new motorcycle." "Yeah" "Where did the two of you go?" "The beach." "That's it?" "Yep, why not?" "Just wondering. I'm almost done with dinner and your father will be home any minute, set the table." "NO WAY! Tonight's Jacobe's night to set the table!" Jacobe is your younger brother. "Jacobe isn't feeling well. Don't worry, I'll make him make up all the times he skipped." "Oh,and I suppose I have to do the dishes too?" "Will you, dear?" "Sure" you sighed. "Thank you sweetie." After dinner you went to your room to check your e-mail and Facebook and everything, when the phone rang. "Hello?"

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