Truly sickening.

OK im just so outraged and disgusted at this i have to tell some people about it.
i know i said before someone had stolen my familys identity. its honestly so bad i know it must be someone on this site and i feel so ill to think about it.
ill explain more below.

Chapter 1

ok so i found this.

in this persons profile under the username Aidyl14 (which u may recognise as my wife's name for this site)
I found an indepth account of information most of which is true about my life.
i feel sick reading it. but here it is...

Hello. I am Lydia Felicity Lovehart. I am married to my middle school sweethart James Elliott Lovehart. I am 22 years old and James is 23. We have been together since I was 11 and he was 12. Our first born princess is named Imogen Vicky Lovehart nn Imy. She just turned 10 years old. When Imy was 3, we had another daughter named Paige Lexie. She died shortly after birth. Then our son Riley David Loverhart came along. He is now 6 years old. After him, we had another son named Zack John Lovehart. He is now 3 years old. One year later we welcomed twins Lola Ashley Lovehart and Flynn Jared Lovehart. Lola died a few hours after she was born and Flynn died a few days later. A couple years later, our baby princess was born, her name is Penny Eliza Lovehart She is now 13 months old. I am now pregnant with a little boy who will probably be named Marley Jack. We also have 4 dogs named Rosie, Izzie, Maddie, and George. They are all treated like our babies too

If you do the math YES I had Imogen when I was only 12 years old. I had Riley at 16. Zack was born when I was 19 and Penny when I was 21.
No need to judge. We pay for everything ourselves and even have a big, very nice house we bought 100% by ourselves.


I love my babies <3 Imogen Vicky, Riley David, Zack John, Penny Eliza, and Marley Jack. I love my angel babies <3 Paige Lexie, Lola Ashley, and Flynn Jared

If I had a baby right now I would name it
Leila Victoria or Jenson Terry <3

see why im so outraged!!!
those of you who know me know the mistakes that were made but for those of you who dont...

*My wife is called Lydia Marie Lovehart
*I am James Alexander Lovehart.
*We didnt go to school together and we dont have middle school because we are english and we dont call it that. plus I went to boarding school.
*We are both 23.
*Weve been together since we were 13/14.
*Imogen isnt my biological daughter.
*Riley is 7
*Penny is only 10 months old.
*My wife isnt pregnant, she has terminal cancer ffs.
* she was pregnant at 12, 15, 19 and 22.
plus our house was 1.2 mil. i definetly did not pay for it 100% myself!

I know thats a lot of mistakes but compared to everything else which is spot on it kind of outweighs it. to even know my dogs names???? i have only ever put my dogs names on THIS SITE. so whoever is doing this PLEASE STOP!! My wife is dying ffs stop being a sick pervy thief and immatating our lives. my wife wont be around forever and the thought of someone galivanting around pretending to be her makes me livid. so im on to you and ive contacted all the websites to tell them too so you better stop. stealing identites online is a jailable offence. and if they dont stop ill have u put away or ill hunt u down like a dog. i hope u understand me because im not f
in around. i am seriously PO right now.
sorry to everyone whose fault this is not. i just didnt know any other way to contact this person.
(the real) james lovehart.

oh and heres the link for you other guys to check it out if u wish....


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