The Love of my life; A Hogwarts love story part 4-Finale!

The Love of my life; A Hogwarts love story part 4-Finale!

OkayTear This is the finale story...we will miss them. But remember, they are now leading their own life,
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Chapter 1

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Two years in the future
"Hold it, sweetie...hold it." Fred Screamed holding my hand. "I cannot hold it!! I got a freaking human being coming out of me FRED!" I screamed as they hooked me to a bed. "Push." Said a nurse. "I am never letting you touch me again!" I yelled at him. He blushed looking around. "Baby, it will be fine." He said. I pushed. "One-more-time." Said the nurse. I pushed. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" I yelled and then, a baby was out of me. "It's a boy." Said the nurse. "A boy." Whispered Fred, "Got a name?" Asked the nurse handing it to Fred. Fred held it with grace and awe. He looked at me and handed it to me. "Hello, baby boy." I said. "I'm your mum..and he is your dad...I think." I looked up at Fred and kissed him. "Let's name him Dorian...Dorian Weasley." I said. Fred smiled. "I love that name." He said. "Were you..uh-serious about me never touching you again?" He said nervously. "We'll see in a year or two." I told him. "Hi, Dorian." I whispered. "Welcome to the Weasley clan..all seven hundred of them." I told Dorian. He spit and babbled and Fred held my hand. I kissed him again when the nurse took the baby away to clean him. "I love you so much, since Hogwarts." I told him. "Are baby is going to a wizarding school right?" He muttered. "Of course." I told him. We kissed and I remembered the first time I entered Hogwarts..and the first time I saw Fred. Everything that had was in the past. I was married to Fred Weasley and had a baby boy names Dorian Weasley. Everything was different. "What are you thinking?" Fred asked me. "That this is my life as a Weasley, and I am proud to be one. I love you Fred Weasley." I said. "I love you Maria Weasley, and together we are going to raise Dorian and be together."
Fred said. His voice calm, but inside, both of us were melting from excitment and Real True Love. Fred Weasley is the love of my Life!


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