Trapped In The Triangle (A LOVE Story) Not A FanFic

This story will be told from different points of view. I'll start a new Point of view like this: Jessica's POV

Chapters won't have titles. I'll just put the name of the song I'm listening to.

Please comment and let me know what you think. If the story isn't doing so good I might delete it. So if you like it please let me know!

One more thing: enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Feel Good Inc.- Gorillaz

Jessica's POV:
After another boring day at school I park my red civic in it's normal spit and head into work.
"Good afternoon hun," Bonnie says to me from her seat.
I flash a quick grin at her before heading behind the counter.
Plopping myself in my chair in front of a computer I ask, "What's new?"
"Well were backed up on filing because Lorrie's sick. I need you to set out paperwork for some new patients coming at 4:30. Oh and Doug wants to talk to you. Something about x-rays."
No, I am not a doctor or nurse. I'm a seventeen year old secretary/assistant at the local dentist. And don't get the wrong idea, I don't stick my hands in anyone's mouth. I normally just handle paperwork or shine a light for one of the dentists while they do the hand sticking. Occasionally Dr. Doug let's me take x-rays.
I grab the folders that need to be filed and finish in record time. By then Dr. Doug is done with his patient and I can talk to him.
Doug is my favorite. He's funny and just out of college, whereas Dr. Edward (Doug's dad) is much more serious.
"Bonnie said you needed me," I inform him, walking into the exam room his patient has just emerged from.
"Oh yeah. You wanna take this new family's x-rays today please? I'll be finishing up on someone else and it would save all of us some time."
I grin. "Of course! You know that's my favorite job!" For some reason I find x-rays highly entertaining.
After Doug and I are done talking it's 4:20 so I decide to get that paperwork ready. According to the schedule it's a family of four. A dad, two sons and one daughter. Easy to deal with. I grab the correct papers and stack them up, absently wondering if that's my boyfriends truck parking outside. A paper slips away and lands under the desk.

William's POV:
"I hate the dentist," my little brother whines.
"No you dont," my dad argues, trying unsuccessfully to pry Jack from his seat. My little sister Gabby glances up from her iPod before turning away, like this couldn't concern her less.
"Will? Why don't you go inside and see if there's anything we need to sign," my dad suggests.
I nod, eager to get away from my crying brother.
I push the door open and stride into the cheery waiting room. Glancing around I don't see anyone at the big desk. Sighing, I lean against it. Suddenly a girl my age pops up. I jump in surprise.
"Oh my gosh!" she exclaims, "I'm so SO sorry!"
I laugh, "It's cool."
She smiles, straightens her papers and asks, "Are you the new guy?" what? I'm not even in my new school yet and I'm already known ad the new guy?!
I nod and she hands me a few papers. "Your dad's here right? And your siblings?"
I nod again. Why do I feel speechless? It's just a hot girl. I've talked to hot girls without any head nodding before! And it probably makes me seem unintelligent of I just stand here and nod my head.
I shake it off and sit down, glancing up every now and then at the girl. She had long, straight, dark brown hair. Perfect complexion, all the right curves. But it's her eyes that do you in. They're big and green and just looking right into them makes you feel lost. Looking at them seems too intimate somehow, so I try to avert my gaze. No luck. It's like my eyes and hers are magnets. Only she doesn't seem to be noticing.
I'm interrupted from my thoughts by the door opening. Thinking it's my dad I glance up and see a guy around my age holding a vase of flowers. He's around six feet tall with short, messed up brown hair. And he's got that cocky look some guys have, like everyone thinks they're awesome and they know it.
I'm not impressed.
"Hey office bich!" the young man calls. The girl looks up and he holds out the flowers.
"Goose!" she yells, running from behind the counter and hugging him.
Goose? What kind of name is that?
The girl takes the flowers and grins, "They're beautiful."
"Just like you Jess," Goose says with his cocky grin.
Jess. Jessica. Her name is Jessica.
"I've got to go," Goose says, "But I've gotta warn ya, there's a very angry ten year old coming in."
Jess just laughs and her boyfriend kisses her.
It's just a kiss but.... it feels so WRONG watching for some reason. I try to turn my attention elsewhere, because I've got a strange urge to punch this Goose guy. Which isn't good since I don't even know this girl. Jessica.
As the guy leaves I still can't help wondering, who names their kid Goose?

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