The Girl Who Lived. . . Wait, What?! A Harry Potter Story

What can i say. . . I got inspired. Anyway, you're Harry Potter's twin, and your name is Grace Potter. (it's the first name that popped in my head. . . that's usually how I pick names). This is not a love story. . . unless you guys comment and tell me who Grace should fall in love with. Or unless I feel like it.

Chapter 1

The Girl with the Crescent Moon Scar

"WAKE UP!" my Aunt Petunia yelled, rapping sharply on the door. "Ouch," I muttered as my head hit the shelf above me. I rubbed it tenderly, fingering the crescent moon-shaped scar on my forehead. "Harry, we better get up," I said to my twin. "Fine," he muttered. We both quickly got dressed, and crammed ourselves through the small opening in the cupboard we shared underneath the stairs. Dudley, the great fat oaf, pushed us both down on his way to the kitchen. I quickly fixed my long dark-brown hair, but it was hopelessly wavy. I swear, I needed a flat iron. I staggered to the kitchen with Harry, while Uncle Vernon was congratulating Dudley on another birthday. He was complaining about not having enough presents, while on our birthdays, Harry usually got socks, and I got Aunt Petunias horrid old flowery aprons. I had a full collection of those - I think I'd rather them ignore our birthday. Uncle Vernon stared at us on disgust, his beady eyes fixed on Harry's lightning scar, and my moon scar. I set to helping Aunt Petunia fix breakfast, while Harry went to get the mail. I set the breakfast down in front of Dudley and Uncle Vernon as Harry came back. Dudley snatched the mail from him, and Harry exclaimed, "Give that back! Grace and I have letters from someone!" Uncle Vernon laughed. "Who would write you?" He grabbed the letters from Dudley's fat hands, and he gasped, "Petunia." They went into the other room, and Dudley began spying. Harry and I exchanged confused looks, and went to listen at the door. "What should we do?" Aunt Petunia asked in a whisper. "Well, were not going to write back!" Uncle Vernon declared. What were they even talking about?! We heard them approaching, and scrambled away from the door, trying to look casual as they entered. "Just a mistake," Uncle Vernon declared. "No it wasn't!" Harry protested. "They had our cupboard on it!" Uncle Vernon ignored it, and went back to his breakfast.

Despite several fits and tantrums from Dudley, Harry and I were tagging along to the zoo for his birthday. Even though Piers Polkiss was coming, too,I was still excited. I had never been to the zoo. Well, I might have when I was little, when my parents were alive . . . . But they had died in a car crash, causing my scar. When we got to the zoo, we hit the reptiles first. Dudley and Piers quickly got bored with the Boa Constrictor, so they moved on. Harry and I stayed behind,and the snake winked at us, I turned to Harry. "Did you just see that too?" he asked. "You mean the snake winking at us?" I asked, he nodded. "Um, yeah." Piers noticed, and motioned for Dudley to come. Dudley and Piers knocked me over, trying to get a better view, and Harry knelt down to help me. "Thanks." Suddenly, I heard Dudley screaming, and the snake slithered past us. "Thanksssssss," the snake hissed. I back against a wall, terrified, but it simply slithered on. Then saw that Dudley was stuck in the snake pit. I doubled over laughing with Harry, until uncle Vernon came up to us.

He threw us in the cupboard, yelling, "Your not coming out for the rest of the day!" We huddled together in the dark, waiting for nightfall so we could sneak to the kitchen to get food. When it was safe, we picked the lock and raided the refridgerator. The next day, we were finally allowed to see daylight. I saw a few more letters burning in the fire. I felt a sickening feeling when I saw this, as if part of me was being burned. I quickly turned away, but the feeling didn't vanish. Over the course of the next few days, letters came by the dozens, each one for me and Harry. On Sunday, Uncle Vernon was overjoyed. "No post on Sunday!" he practically prances around the house yelling. But, no. That was the day the letters flooded the house. I made a desperate grab for one with my name on it, as did Harry, but Uncle Vernon restrained us both. He loaded up the car, and took us to an abandoned island. It was then i realized that tomorrow was mine and Harry's eleventh birthday. Most kids would feel excited, but not Harry and I. Especially since we were spending it on a deserted island. Dudley got the couch, and Harry and I slept side-by-side on the ground. We stayed up till midnight, counting down to our birthday. I mean, you weren't eleven every day, right? 5,4,3,2,1!! We were officially eleven. I didn't feel any different, but I never did. Suddenly, the door began rattling, waking up Dudley, Uncle Vernon, and Aunt Petunia. Harry and I cowered against the wall, and suddenly, the door fell flat on the ground. There was a huge shape blocking the doorway, and Harry and I edged for the back of the room. "Harry, Grace! Happy birthday!" he bellowed. "Um, thanks," Harry mumbled. "I am Rubeus Hagrid, gamekeeper at Hogwarts. I'm sure you've read all about it though." "Er, no," I said timidly. He went on to yell at the Dursleys, and tell Harry that he was a wizard and I was a witch. "Whats the punchline?" I asked. Hagrid looked at me. "Dont believe me?" He took out a flowery, pink umbrella, and gave Dudley a pig tail. Harry and I burst out laughing, while Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia panicked. They flew out of the house, probably to take dudley to a hospital. I fell asleep, thinking it was all a dream . . . .
I heard talking, but i couldn't tell who it was. I open my eyes, and saw Harry and Hagrid. We had to get our school stuff, but I wasn't sure where we could find cauldrons, wands, robes, or owls in London. Hagrid took us to some pub. Everyone there seemed to know us for some reason. "Is that . . . Harry and Grace Potter?!" I heard several witches gasp. "Pleasure to meet you," one wizard said, vigorously shaking our hands. We eventually escaped from all of the enthusiastic people, and Hagrid led us to a brick wall. "Um, Hagrid?" I asked. He pulled out his umbrella and tapped a very complex pattern of bricks, and they opened up, revealing a long row of shops. "Yeah?" he asked. "Uh, never mind." Wee went to a bank first, Gringotts, to get money. Hagrid had to make a stop at his own vault, but all he got was a grubby little package, and he wouldn't tell us what was in it. When we got to our vault, my jaw fell to the floor. Was all this ours? It was piled high with bronze, silver, and gold coins. Me and Harry had never gotten so much as one penny from the Dursleys. We both filled a little sack with coins, and set off for school supplies. First we went to get a wand. I managed to break a vase by flicking mine, which made me turn bright red, but I felt better when Harry cause half of the boxes to fall from the shelves. Harry found a wand made of holly and Phoenix feather, and mine was oak and Phoenix feather. We left, feeling rather satisfied, and went to the bookstore. We didn't exactly know what we were supposed to be looking for, so Hagrid helped us out. We wet to Madame Malkin's robe shop, while Hagrid went to look at animals. There was a snobby boy our age there, saying a bunch of words that sounded like gibberish to me. Words like, "Hufflepuff," "Quidditch," and "Slytherin." We pretended to understand, and finished getting our robes fitted. We saw Hagrid through the window, waving and holding two owls - one a beautiful, snowy white, and the other, a sleek black one. Hagrid got them for us as birthday presents, and I had to admit, this was definitely the best birthday yet. I picked the black one, naming it Megan. Harry named his Hedwig, but eventually, we had to go home. It was a miserable two weeks, but I was glad when the Dursleys dropped us off at Kings Cross. They left us between platforms 9 and 10. But where was Platform 9 & 3/4?

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