Six Element: Black Death

Hello I want to start by saying this story isn't entirely mine it originally belonged to my friend duke1994 and still does I'm just keeping it going so all credit goes to him. Some chapter's will be mine and others will be his. We both wanted to finish this story since it was a chain story at first. So here it is I am speaking for the two of us here but we hope you like it.

Chapter 1

Luke Jackson

From a far away place grow a Dark Evil. The Evil One name "The Black Death." He has a sword like on other, it can brake a building in half, it called "Dark Demon Slayer." This demon have the sword called The human believe it was a disease that kill over half of the population. Only on person can stop him. Is name is Luke Thunder and this is his story.
Somewhere the woods teenager is running. Pasting by trees on the ground. Group of huge demon dog was right behind him. The boy hind behind a tree.

The demon dog stop. "Where is he?" asked the biggest demon dog to the other demon dogs

A sword appear in the kids head. The sword handle was white, the blade silver. One of the dog walk towards the tree were the boy was. The boy jump out of the tree and push the sword into the demon head. The demon turn into black smoke. "There he is, kill him." said the demon All the demon went toward him. The boy slide under one of the demon, and cut its in two, it also turn in to smoke. He kill all the demons but, the leader.

The boy smile. "Come in get me if you dare." said the boy in a clam voice

"Thunder you will die today." said the demon running towards the boy. The demon mouth open he shot a black thunder ball thing out of his mouth. Luke jump over the ball, and ran to the demon. The blast hit the tree, it left a huge hole. The demon ran up to Luke, Luke jump over the demon, and hit its back with the sword. The demon roar loud, his spike tail sung to Luke.

Luke pull the sword out and jump. The demon tail it the back of the demon, he turn into smoke like the other. Luke landed softly. "Time to go home." said Luke The sun was come down. The sword disappear. He started to walk to caring about the big hole. "My Aunt K. is going to kill me."

Luke got to a cliff, then he hit the cliff three time. When he got to it, it was dark out. Small part of the cliff can down. Two people was there. Luke walk in the hole. About few min. later he got to an opening, there were house made out of rock. Wolf shape made of rock was at the opening of where he can out of.

"Luke Chris Thunder, you are in big trouble." said a women with black hair, her voice was clam, scary and mad all at the same time

The women hug Luke so long, Luke face is being to turn red. "Aunt K. your kill me." said Luke She let go of Luke.

"I'm sorry, it just I was worry about you, that all." said his Aunt K. Luke smile, the sime make his smile. "You always worrying about me Aunt K." said Luke "I'm almost Sixteen, I can handle my self."

"Hey, Kay and Luke, come to dinner." said a men look really strong coming from one of the building. "Coming Uncle John." said Luke Kay and Luke was walking to the building together. "So how was the run?" ask Kay with a clam voice "It was O.K. until the Demon Dogs." said Luke

"You did kill them, and no sense for more demon dogs, right." ask Kay with a small smile "Of course I did, don't what my only family I have." answer Luke They walk into the building. There was a room with a wooding table Lot of food on it. Pizza, Ham, Double Layer Cake, and etc. "Hey, Aunt Storm, how are you?" ask Luke A women with long blond hair, was siting next to John.

"Oh, I'm good. and your self." said the women with a smile She was putting food on her small plate.

"Good, thank for asking." smiling Luke as he sit down at the dinner table. "Where is my daughter." ask John to his family "She wasn't with me." answer Luke putting the pizza on his plate "I didn't see her outside." said Kay John got up of the table. "Do you know where she is, honey." ask John to Storm Storm Put her hand between her hair and neck. "Maybe in her room with her boy friend." said Storm

John walk to a cabinet got out a 12 g. Shotgun, walk down the hallway and open a metal door on his right. A girl about Luke age. There was a guy on the bed with her. John gave the guy off the girl. They was nuked. The girl pull the cover over her. "Do you want me to blow your **** balls of." asked John

"No sir, no sir." said the man have a scary face, and tear was coming down his face

"Then, why are you **** my daughter?" asked John "I don't know, it won't happen again." said the man "Get dress and get out of my house." said John throwing the man on the ground Then John got out of the room, and walk into the dinner room. The guy ran past them, and left. The girl walk into the dinner room,(dress) and sit next to Luke.

"Sorry, I'm was here sooner." said the girl in a sad soft voice

"Tell that to your boyfriend." said John putting food in his mouth Everyone was quit. "This is good, Aunt K. and Storm." said Luke "Think, Sweetheart." said Kay and Storm "Hey, Aunt Kay can yo tell us a Story about Uncle Duke Jackson." said the girl "Such, why not, Emma."

After dinner John, Kay, Emma, and Luke went to the roof the the building. John put logs in a pill.


Hey guys!!! Sam here! This Chap. Isn't mine it's Duke's so yeah pretty cool chapter huh? lol well bye!

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