Oh No! My fetish.

It is believed that me as an individual may have a serious fetish disorder...

Chapter 1

This isn't a recommended trait to tell people about...

by: AskingKc
Like the chapter title states maybe perhaps this is not a healthy trait to tell people about but then again maybe it can be offered as a warning.
It is quite hard to admit, but the first step is to be the man and admit it. And yes, I, as a female, am going to be the man and admit my problem. It haunts me in my sleep, buzzes through my mind in consciousness, whispers in my inner ear and slides behind my eyes. I try to dig myself holes to hide in but through the seeds of dirt, my naughty dark cloud finds me. My hand itches as a friendly acquaintance approaches, wanting to reach out...
And set them on fire.

Yes. I like to set my friends on fire. I can't explain. Or maybe I can and I just don't want to.

But yes. I have a fetish with setting my friends on fire.


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