Mine Forever A Justin Bieber Love Story part 3

:D hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

Give Me A Chance <3

by: AmyRyan
My stomach instantly dropped, my heart was racing and my hands were shaking like crazy. I’ve never felt this feeling before.

Amanda:I know, i didn’t have this number and i figured it was you.

Justin:Oh, yeah. That’s true. laughs

Amanda:Um yeah, so why are you calling?

Justin:I just wanted to say hi and stuff. But i do have one question…


Justin:Why dont you like me, be honest.

Amanda:Well, i dont wanna hurt your feelings.

Justin:No, you wont. Just tell me…

Amanda:Ok, well. I think your really full of yourself & you always play girls.

Justin:Oh? I’m not any of that, but how would you know that i am like that. You just met me tonight?

Amanda:Um, i dont know. You just…

Justin:Exactly, you cant come up with anything.

Amanda:I dont know Justin, i basicly dont trust guys exspecially what happend in the past.

Justin:May i ask what happend in the past?

Amanda:Dont worry about it…

Justin:Ok? sorry, i was just asking.


Justin:Well, i cant take it. It’s been ONE night, it took me ONE night to fall for you. Your beautiful, and stubborn. But i can just look at you and tell that your such a great person, i really wanna get to know you.

Amanda:Is this a joke?

Justin:No, what? Why would this be a joke.

Amanda:I dont know, did one of your little friends put you up to this?

Justin:Amanda, chill. No one put me up to this, i just wanna get to know you. Is that so hard to understand?

Amanda:I guess not…

Justin:Well then good smirks. I was thinking, you should come visit me while i’m on break.

Amanda:Um no thanks.

Justin:AMANDA PLEASE, just give me a chance. Ok listen, stay with me for 3 days. If your not enjoying yourself or you just dont like me i’ll send you back home. C’mon, spring break is almost here and i dont wanna spend this vacation with just adults. I really like you and i think we would have a great time.

Amanda:I dont know Justin…



Justin:C’mon…just 3 days. You and me, no one else. Please?
Amanda:pauses Alright, well i’m gonna tell my parents first.

Justin:Dont worry about it, i got that under control. Your parents are just gonna let you?

Amanda:They dont care about me, so why would they care about what i do you know?

Justin:Wow, i’m sorry. Why dont they care about you?

Amanda:Listen, i’m tired. I’ll talk to you tomorrow about this.

Justin:Alrgiht, goodnight beautiful.


I hung up the phone and layed my head back on my pillow. I smiled knowing that Justin had some type of feelings for me, my mind was going crazy and my heart was beating so fast.I woke up the next morning to the sound of my alarm rining in my ear. I felt light headed and dizzy, my throat was killing me and i basicly just felt so sick. I walked downstairs to see if my parents finally made it home from last night, knowing them they were probably passed out drunk on the couch. I was suprised to walk downstairs and see my mom and dad making breakfeast.

Mom:Morning amanda!

Amanda:scratchy voice hi, where were you guys?

Mom:Your dad’s bosses party! What’s wrong with you?

Amanda:Mom, i feel terrible. Can i stay home today?

Mom:Of course, you look terrible. Eat something first then go back to bed. I’m
calling the doctors for an appointment tomorrow. Gosh you look so sick.

Dad:Oh stop worrying, she dosen’t look that bad. All she needs is food and sleep, she’ll wake up in a couple hours looking better then ever.

I took some medicine that my mom gave me, ate and went back to bed. I was so happy that i didn’t have to go to school that day. My parents left the house around 8 am to go to work. I fell back asleep when they left untill i heard my phone going off at 10. I looked at my screen to see “incoming call from Justin.B.” My heart skipped beats but i quickly picked up.

Amanda:clears throat Hello?

Justin:Good morning!

Amanda:laughs what’s up!

Justin:Nothing, i just wanted to know what you were up too! But what’s wrong you sound sick and aren’t you supposed to be in school.

Amanda:Well i woke up really sick, i think it was because of standing outside in
the cold last night in tube tops and short! So i just stayed home.

Justin:Oh, wow. Sorry amanada, i guess that means you cant hangout.

Amanda:Wait what?

Justin:Yeah, i’m in California for just one more day. My mom has meetings today and i get a break.

Amanda:That’s good, i’m feeling better. I just need to shower and stuff.

Justin:Sweet, call me when your done showering.


As soon as we hungup the phone i jumped out the bed to get ready. My heart
was going absolutley crazy.


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