Refusing to let go (damon salvatore love story -refusing you 2)

Refusing to let go (damon salvatore love story -refusing you 2)

So this is book two to the Refusing you series :)
It is in Damons point of view and i really hope you enjoy it!! Im planning on writing three or maybe four stories for the series :)
comment rate favorite.. read :)
btw... the story picture is of how sadie looks now

Chapter 1

giving up

Blood flowed down my throat as i drained this pathetic humans life away. I felt no remoarse or guilt when she begged for her life, why should i suffer with thirst while she happily lived her life? Humans had no reason.
I listened as her heart beat its last and finished the last of her blood, no real satisfaction there. I disposed of the empty body and left. Once again Stephan was waiting for me when i walked through the door, the same speech i had heard every night prepared.
"Damon, when are you going to let it go? Its been three years, she is gone. You killing innoccent people wont change that."
Stephan was still the same naive human loving vampire. Well almost, Elana was no longer human. She was changed not long after... she was changed a while ago. We didnt really talk about Elana's 'death' all there was to know is; she is a vampire.
Another kick in the chest, my little brother gets to keep his precious girlfriend for eternity... charming.
Me on the other hand, i would go around finding human girls to compell, feed on and then eventually kill. It was the circle of life, life was cruel.
"Look Stephan, as much as id love to say i care... acctually, scratch that, i dont want to say that." I said, pouring my self some scotch.
"When did you become such a heartless monster?"
That was a new one. I turned to look at him, a serious look on my face.
"The day i died." I walked to my bedroom, opened the window, turned into a crow and took off. When i said the day i died, i didnt mean the day i turned into a vampire, i meant the day i read her letter.
I flew to her dads house, i did this almost every night.
I didnt do it because i longed to see her red hair hanging over the back of the sofa as she watched tv, or to hear her laugh with her dad, i did this because it reminded me that she was gone, and she had hurt more than just me, she left her dad too, which always helped me cope with the fact that she would leave.
I watched her dad amble around the house, looking for odd things to do, he was always so lost. A small part of me felt sorry for him, the other part of me wanted to rip him to shreads, he was human, a waste of time and space.
Then he did something i hadnt seen him do before, he went up the stairs and went into her old room. i quickly flew up to her balcony.
He walked over to her dresser and ran his hand over it, turned the light on in her bathroom then sat on her bed. He just sat there in silence, then he started to shake, bursting into painfl tears.
He missed her. it hurt him. How could she be so evil?
That thought burned me, She wasnt evil. I hated thinking that, no matter how hard i tried, i couldnt think bad of her. I knew i had to do something, seeing her dad like this acctually hurt me...
I flew down to the front porch and changed back, i knocked on the door. I listened to him jump at the noise, sniff a bit, clear his throat and come down the stairs. He opened the door.
"Damon?" He remembered me, i hadnt seen him since the night i discovered the sun crystal.
"Hello Chris. Its been a while." I said back, unsure of the conversation.
"Come in." He stammered. He let me in and i led him to the living room, sitting my self down on the couch... it still had a faint scent of her.
"What brings you here?" He asked me, sitting across from me in his arm chair.
"How are you doing?" i asked him, getting straight into it.
I saw the tears well up, but he coughed and blinked them back.
"Well, you you know... When a child leaves you gotta be strong, know whats best for them. Its not like ive lost her." He babbled.
"You can tell me the truth." I looked at him, feeling true sinceraty. He looked back, almost shocked.
"Sometimes i feel like... giving up. She stopped calling, writing, everything. I dont even know where she is or how she is. She could be dead for all i knew and i cant do a damned thing about it!" He was crying in pain and anger now. I truely felt sorry for this human.
I got up and put a hand on his shoulder. looking into his eyes. "You will see her again, you will be happy knowing she is safe, you will stop blaming yourself." i compelled him. Meaning everyword of it, he would see her again even if i had to drag her dead body back to him for a funeral and a real goodbye.
I left after that and started to walk home, then i heard something behind me, i turned around at vampire speed, ready to kill what ever was there, but what i saw was neither vampire nor human.

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