Refusing to let go (damon salvatore love story -refusing you 2)

Refusing to let go (damon salvatore love story -refusing you 2)

So this is book two to the Refusing you series :)
It is in Damons point of view and i really hope you enjoy it!! Im planning on writing three or maybe four stories for the series :)
comment rate favorite.. read :)
btw... the story picture is of how sadie looks now

Chapter 13

so many questions

I had lost her again.
But this time i wouldnt pretend like i didnt care.
This time i will do everything to get her back, no matter the consequences.
I glared at the space where Sadie once stood minutes ago.
Stephan, Elena and Dorian all stood silently behind me, no one dared make a sound.
I grew angrier, blind rage. I slammed my fist into the closest hard surface, which happened to be the brick wall to my side. I ignored the crack it made as it crumbled to the ground. I started to walk forward, not knowing what i was going to do exactly.
"Damon, wait." I heard a small voice say behind me.
"Not now, Elena." I snarled.
"What are you going to do Damon? You dont know where she is, we have to plan this."
I snapped.
"I wont loose her again, Stephan! i dont have time to make a plan that wont work! Sadie needs me, and im going to find her."
I heard footsteps come closer to me, then a hand on my shoulder.
"You wont help by reckless actions. We have to think about this." Dorian said. My anger left my body, i couldnt stay mad at him, possibly because of his 'big secret'
"Im just as upset as you Dad... Damon. But i know that just storming after them will end badly."
I sighed heavily and turned to face him. I could see Sadie in him, she radiated from him. His calm nature, his love for everyone.
I nodded and let him lead me back into the house.
We sat at the kitchen table, they all discussed where Sadie might be and how we could save her.
I didnt listen, i knew it was useless, i knew i had to save her. Dorian knew what the future held so i would ask him when he was alone.

A few hours later, Dorian went to bed and Stephan and Elena went out to see Caroline and Bonnie. I went to Dorians room and knocked. No answer. I opened the door slowly, to find he was not in his room.
"Dorian?" I called through the house. No answer.
Where was he. I went into my room and saw a note on my pillow, i picked it up and read it.
I didnt know how to tell you this. I was wrong. The man who took her, his name is Vincent Gor. He is a vampire slayer.
Everything is different from how it should of happened. Gor changed the future.
I dont know any thing anymore so i am of no use. I have gone to find her.
im so sorry.
He went to find her. He was in danger, i could feel it. I had no choice any more, i had to leave.

Hey guys, thank you for being so patient and i hope you enjoy reading this.
Im ending this story, but im starting the third one which will continue the story, and i would like your opinion.
Would you like it in Damons, Dorians, or Sadies Point of view, or even all three of them? Let me know, and im open to any ideas :)
also im gonna add a few more characters in so if you wanted to be apart of it then let me know your character bio and i will add you in :)
Thank you so much!!

The next story will be called refusing your heart, look out for it :)

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