Refusing to let go (damon salvatore love story -refusing you 2)

Refusing to let go (damon salvatore love story -refusing you 2)

So this is book two to the Refusing you series :)
It is in Damons point of view and i really hope you enjoy it!! Im planning on writing three or maybe four stories for the series :)
comment rate favorite.. read :)
btw... the story picture is of how sadie looks now

Chapter 2

Half blood

A teenage boy stood infront of me, at first my thoughts said human, but then my instincts said vampire. What was he? I didnt feel threatened by him, so i relaxed my stance, but not looking away from him, something about him was so... familiar?
He had black hair that fell freely, and bright blue eyes... like me. It would be like looking in a mirror, but his face was a little more rounder, more cutesy, like Sa- like her.
I stared at him, and he stared back.
Then he spoke with a voice that schocked my memory, but none were of him, i didnt know him... i dont think.
"Hello Damon."
He had a half smile, just like mine.
"Who are you?" I asked him, really looking at him. He looked so much like me, it was unbelievable.
"My name isnt really important right now." His smile turned into a grave frown, something was wrong.
"Then what do you want?"
"Sadie needs you." It was the first time i had heard her name in three years.
I couldnt speak for a few moments. I looked him over again, trying to figure out what he was.
"She doesnt need me, she left." Anger filled my words.
"She is in trouble Damon." He sounded impatient.
"Why should i care?" I smirked at him, refusing to give him what he wanted, it could be a trap.
"Because you love her."
My smirk vanished, i didnt know him, but he knew me.
"What are you?" I stepped closer to him, smelling human blood, but it was tainted.
"Im a half blood."
"Whats that?" Curious, ive never heard of a half blood.
"Half vampire and half human." He explained.
"Thats impossible."
He groaned in protest, impatient again. "We dont have time for this Damon, are you going to help Sadie or not?"
Something made me trust him.
"How do you know Sadie." Her name rolled of my lips as easy as it had before.
I saw his eyes change, reading them instantly. "She is a friend." He lied.
Even though he was lying, i trusted him, i felt like i had to.
"Okay, i'll help. But i dont know where she is."
He smiled my half smile again, it felt strange looking at him.
"I do. Follow me."
He started to walk towards the forrest by the falls, hesitently i trailed after him. He climbed down the rocks and trudged into the water, and made his way over to the waterfalls and swam under them. Confusion filled me, but i followed him none the less. I surfaced behind the falling water and saw him standing on a large rock that was half sunbmerged in the water, i climbed up next to him.
"Now what?" I asked him.
"Close your eyes." He instructed.
I looked at him warily.
"Trust me."He insisted.
Hesitently i closed me eyes. I heard a click and a saw a bright flash through my eyelids. I opened my eyes, we were still standing on a rock behind a waterfall, but it was different.
"Where are we?" i asked him.
"Virginia waters, a small lake district in england." He aswered.
"And why here?"
"Its the closest i could get to Sadie."
"What do you mean? how did we get here?" I asked him, confused.
He tapped a black ring on his finger.
"Transport ring, Bonnies creation. And to answer you other questions which im sure you will ask; There are a few waterfalls around the world that have a spell on them, conecting them to each other, the reason i used this spell is because the ring isnt that strong, it needs a little help. Years ago, witched travelled by using the waterfalls, but it has been forgotten how to do it, so we just use the spell to increas our own."
Well that explained some things.
"So where is Sadie exactly?"
"She lives in a beach town, Bognor Regis. She had family there."
He jumped back into the water and swam to the edge, climbing out. I followed him.
"How are we gonna get there?" I didnt know where this place was and how far away it was.
"It takes an hour by car, but we dont have one. So were running. Stay close to me so you dont get lost.
I rolled my eyes as he took off. He was fast, but i was just a quick.
We ran for about fourty minutes, everything passed us in a slight blur.
He stopped when we reached a pier that went over the ocean. A strong smell of crab was in the air.
"A fishing town?" i guessed.
He didnt answer me, he looked around for something. He jumped down from the pier landing on the sand below, i jumped after him. He was stood by an old wooden paddle boat on its side, and sat down in it.
I sat next to him, looking at the night sky.
"So, are you going to tell me who you are?" I didnt look at him when i asked and he didnt look at me when he answered.
" My name is Dorian, and im not from this time. Im twenty years old and i always will be."
He didnt say what time he was from, was it past or future. I didnt ask.
"Well Dorian, how about you tell me more about half bloods?"
He smiled, a full smile this time, it reminded me of someone.
"Half bloods, as i told you, are half vampire and half human. When a human female mates with a male vampire. We age like humans, but we become immortal when we reach the same age as our parents when they concieved us. So if a vampire who was technically twentyfive mated with say a twenty two year old human, their child would continue to age until they reached twenty five. We take the immortal gene from our fathers. making any sense."
hmmm. "No. Is it always the father?"
"Well ive never met a vampire female who carried and gave birth."
Made a little more sense.
My head was aching.
"So your dad was twenty?" Stupid question.
"Do you still see them?"
He laughed. "You could say that."
I was missing the joke but i didnt bother asking him for more information. We both sat and watched the sun take the moons place.
"Time to go, come on." Dorian said.
We got up from the boat and walked up the beach and into the town, people were starting to appear around us. He led me to a small appartment building, pulling me behind a bus stop. We stood and looked at the appartment building doors. It was suspensful, but then i saw her. She pushed the door open and sauntered out.
She looked exactly the same, apart from her hair was longer and a little more darker red than last time. But she was still Sadie.
She walked towards the bus stop, panic filling me, as she got closer Dorian pulled me around it so we were behind the back of it. Sadie walked past, keeping her eyes on the ground as she went. She looked almost broken.
Everything i had kept inside for the past three years begged to be let out. I wanted to run after her, look into her amber eyes, see her smile spread across her cute round face, see her dark eye lashes flutter, hear her laugh, hear her voice.
Dorian turned to me. Could he read minds like me too?
"We have to lay low for a bit, but dont worry, you will get to see her again."
I guess so.
We followed her silently all day, just before sunset we watched her leave a store, the light hit her face and it dazzled me, i stood frozen, not realising Dorian had moved out of her view. She looked up at me, our eyes met. She looked at me, confused, then she shook her head, and walked away. She thought she imagined me.
Dorian came next to me.
"Lets follow her home."
We walked down an ally that was next to her building, then climbed quickly up the side until we reached her window, right at the top. Holding onto the window sill, i listened to her thoughts.

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