Refusing to let go (damon salvatore love story -refusing you 2)

Refusing to let go (damon salvatore love story -refusing you 2)

So this is book two to the Refusing you series :)
It is in Damons point of view and i really hope you enjoy it!! Im planning on writing three or maybe four stories for the series :)
comment rate favorite.. read :)
btw... the story picture is of how sadie looks now

Chapter 3

Look at me

I listened carefully to every thought. She thought about how her life was spent protecting everyone else. She didnt understand how wrong she was. Running away was the worst thing she could have done. I wanted to stand next to her as she looked out of her other window. The setting sun shone on her, making her red hair glimmer, and giving her pale skin a soft peachy glow. She was still beautiful.
I was caught up in her appearance, i almost missed the last thought.
"...But today was different, for the first time my heart felt something other than pain, today i had a reason to believe in miricals."
So she did see me? I couldnt be sure. I couldnt look at her anymore, i didnt want to hear more. I let go of the window sill and fell to the ground, Dorian doing the same.
He seemed to know i didnt want to talk. "There is an empty room in the apartment building next to this one, its close enough so we can still hear her." He led me over the building and we made our way to our room, he picked at the lock witha small pin, he was pretty good at it, was that a good thing? we let ourselves in. I went over to an old couch that was left in the empty room, Dorian went and sat on the window seat, looking out of it, concentrating on listening to Sadie. He was serious about keeping her safe, which made me wonder, why did he care so much?
The question swam around in my head until i had to ask.
"Why are you so intent on keeping her safe?"
Dorian twitched a little, surprised when i spoke.
"Hmmm?" He looked at me, apparently not hearing me.
"Why do you care?" i asked again.
He sat in thought for a minute, thinking of what to say, probably another lie.
"Sometimes you do things for no reason, you just feel like doing it." He said simply.
"So you just 'felt' like helping her? what is she in danger from anyway?" I asked, irritated.
"No i didnt just feel like helping, i had to. As weird as it sounds, Sadie is important to me."
He was right, it did sound a little strange, he obviously knew Sadie well, but how?
"Answer my other question." I prompted.
"Nightmares." He almost whispered.
I looked at him. He had me here, in England, because Sadie was haveing nightmares? Was he stupid?!
"Sadie has always had nightmares. Why does she suddenly need my help?" I was angry now. It took everything to come here and see her again, it was going to be practically impossible to leave her.
"There not just nightmares Damon. There vampire related. Some one is controlling her dreams, they want her dead. If she dies in one of her nightmares, she will never wake up."
That made me think.
"So what are we supposed to do? Keep her awake forever?"
Dorian raised an eyebrow at me. "Yeah, thats the plan." His voice dripped with sarcasm, he was too much like me, it was kind of scary.
"So what do you sugest we do?"
"We find the vampire that is causing these dreams." He said it like the answer was obvious.
We spent the rest of the night listening to Sadie sleep. I focused on her breathing, hypnotised. I had missed the sound.
It was about two in the morning when Dorian stiffened.
"What is it?" I asked him, trying to find the cause of his sudden tension.
"The nightmare has begun." He sounded scared and angry.
We sat in silence. I could hear her tossing in her bed, a soft whimper would escape sometimes. I wanted to go to her, hold her, chase away the bad dreams.
The look on Dorians face said he wanted to help her too.
Then a peircing scream shocked me, she started crying. I didnt have control anymore. I jumped from my window to hers, lifting the hatch easily and fell silently into her room. She was still asleep, tears were rimming her closed eyes, even in sleep she was terrified.
"Dont wake her!" Dorian whispered to me from our room. I didnt question him. I knelt beside Sadie, looking at her the whole time. If i couldnt wake her, then i wouldnt leave her. Her hand twitched. I looked at it, trying my hardest not to reach for it. I wasnt strong enough. i slowly moved my hand to hers, being careful not to wake her. My index finger brushed against the top of her hand, my breath caught in my throat. I slid my had over hers softly, holding it. She didnt stir, but she relaxed the tiniest bit, a little fear leaving her face. I continues looking at our hands. I didnt realise how much i had missed her touch. Then she spoke.
My head snapped up, but she wasnt awake. I stayed silent. She whispered again.
"Damon, please." She sounded frightened.
I risked whispering back.
"Im here." I barely heared myself so i imagined she couldnt hear me at all, but her hand tightened a little around mine.
When the sun started to come up, i jumped back over to Dorian. He was sat waiting for me.
"Thats the quickest she has escaped a nightmare." He said as i closed the window behind me.
"What do you mean?" I asked, sitting on the couch.
"Normally the nightmares last all night, she wakes up as soon as they stop in the morning. But as soon as you touched her, i could feel the nightmare start to fade, she was starting to dream about something else." He said.
"She said my name." I replied, thinking about how it has felt to hear her call out to me.
"I know, she was dreaming about you. The memories of you drove the nightmare away." He said it like he was thinking.
"Whats your plan?"I asked him, suspisious.
He smirked at me. "Youre going to have to spend everynight with her, make her dream about you."
I thought about that.
"No way. I cant do it." I couldnt spend everynight with her, knowing she was completley unaware i was even there.
"Its the only way i can think of protecting her right now." He said, finality in his voice. I didnt answer him, i just closed my eyes and let sleep come. I dreamt of her.
I woke a few hours later, The sun was high in the sky and Dorian was gone. I walked to the window and looked over to Sadies, not really concentrating. Then Sadie appeared at her window and she looked at me. Our eyes met again. She blinked and rubbed her eyes, like she didnt believe what she saw, i moved away from the window quickly. I listened to her thoughts.
'What is happenening to me? I keep seeing him!'
I smiled sadly at how badly i wanted to go back to the window and see her.
'i miss him.'
It hurt, alot more than it used to.
After seeing her again, it was hard staying away from her, i was so close.
I listened as she left her appartment. I left mine and followed her through town. She went to the same cafe as yesterday. Where was Dorian?
I stood in the shadows as she drank her drink and skimmed through a book, soon the sun was coming down. Sadie came out of the cafe and started to walk in the opposite direction of her appartment, i followed silently. She walked to the beach, making her way straight to the waters edge. I watched her as she sat on the sand with her feet dipping in the sea. She looked up at the darkening sky.
'I wonder what he is doing right now?' She thought to herself.
She was thinking about me a lot lately.
She laid back on the sand and her breathing steadied. I gathered this wasnt the first time she fell asleep on the beach. I walked silently over to her, sitting down beside her. I looked at the sky, it was a full moon, thousands of stars were scattered around it.
"I think im going insane." Sadie said, making me jump, looking down at her, worried.
"I keep seeing you everywhere. But youre just a figment of my imagination." She was looking right at me, but she didnt believe i was really here.
She sat up and stared at the sea. "You have no idea how much i need you Damon!" She was crying. I coulndt help it any more.
"Sadie. I am here." I said softly.
"No your not."She whimpered.
I put my hand on her cheek and turned her to face me. "Look at me. Im here."
She stared into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Then shock showed in her eyes.
"Damon? It really is you?" She was whispering.
I didnt want to say anything anymore. I wanted to hold her, kiss her.
I nodded. Her hands came to my face, her fingers softly tracing across it. She came closer until our lips were an inch apart. I was barely breathing, every inch of me wanted to fill in the gap.
"Im so sorry." She whispered, then she pressed her lips to mine softly, sending shivers down my back.

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