LIFE IS F@#&$%D UP...

LIFE IS F@#&$%D UP...

Everyone knows life never goes the way you want and somehow or other you get screwed over. Sometimes it's just nice to b!^ch about it, so I'm starting it, you all pass it on, and maybe the people who read this and add to it feel a little better afterwards.
1)You must include your name/quibblo name in the chapter title
2) You must add a picture of yourself/quibblo picture to the chapter
3) You must end the chapter with "I guess life is f@#&$%d up.
If you don't follow I delete it.

Chapter 1

The Loopy Life of Liz

I'm in a severe state of depression that started last year and only got worse. When it began I was kinda down and a downer at parties. Now I'm at the point where nothing means anything to me. I don't have any emotions left. I used to at least feel pain but I don't even feel that anymore. I try to trick myself into feeling things, anything at all, but it's never real. It all sounds so lame and cliche but the ONLY thing I EVER feel is cold and hollow, and the worst part of it is, I don't even care. It doesn't matter a bit to me even though I know it should. My parents are always mocking me and picking on me, there's nothing I can do to please them, they only love my little brother who is their favourite, and when we got in an argument they pretty much admitted that they didn't love me at all, but they were obligated to do things for me because they were my parents. I don't think or want to have a future so I don't plan for it, making me part of my own problem...I guess life f@#&$%d up.

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