Mine Forever A Justin Bieber Love Story part 1

My First Story Ever plz comment

Chapter 1

justin bieber!

by: AmyRyan
My name is Amanda Greys. I’m 16 years old and i live in California. I know what your thinking? “Wow it must be great to live in Hollywood, you get to see all these famous people.” No, that’s not the case here. I live in a big town but nothing intresting usally goes on around here. The biggest thing going around in this town is of course the one and only…Justin Bieber. I’m the only one in this whole city that dislikes him. My friends adore him but i don’t see what’s so great about this kid? He’s cute, he can sing. Big deal. But, i never thought this would happen to me and the feelings i have toward Justin now…wow. Things have changed, and i’m here to tell you the story.

Michelle aka Shellie; my best friend in the whole world is crazy about Justin Bieber. She eats,sleeps,drinks,dreams JUSTIN BIEBER. Basicly she is a huge huge fan.

Michelle:Manda, your comming to Justin’s concert with me right?!

Amanada:Girl, i really don’t like him. I dont wanna go!

Michelle:Please mannnn, your my only friend i’ll have fun with.

Amanada:Ugh, fine i’ll go. But i’m only going because i love you and i like the lyrics to

his music. smiles

Michelle:jumps up and down THANK YOU MANDA.

Weeks went by of peoples Facebook’s status’s saying “3 MORE DAYS UNTILL JUSTIN”.

Finally the day of the concert came. I slept over Michelle’s house that night and got ready with her for the concert. I wore abercrombie jean shorts with a flowery tube top from hollister, but of course Michelle got all biebered out & wore the shirt,shorts,socks, etc with his name on it. We got to the concert to see tons and tons of over excited teenage girls screaming/crying and so much more. 2 hours later we finally got to our floor seatswatching Sean Kingston perform his songs. Finally the person that everyone was waiting for Justin Bieber walks out on stage in his all white suite and Purple Supras. I wasn’t gonna lie, he looked amazing and actually sang great that night. But my opinion on him wasn’t gonna change. As the concert came towards an end i looked over to see my friends in absolute tears, i look over and see Justin grabbing her hand singing to her. I laughed and smiled in shock, just watching her reactions. Justin then looked over at me and winked, i swear we had some eye sexs. I blushed and looked the other direction feeling awkward. When the concert ended Justin said his thanks and waved to everyone. He looked down at me again and smiled. I slightly smiled back, but i could have cared less.He was a player like most boys.



Amanda:I told you, i don’t like him. He’s a player.

Michelle:Wow, you ruin this night! laughing C’mon lets go walk around.

Michelle and I walked around the parking lot because she wanted to find her “love” Justin. I thought we were just wasting our time walking around. There was millions of girls outside and i new he wasn’t gonna come out. We walked away and my friend looked heartbroken knowing she wasn’t able to meet Justin that night. All of a sudden i felt someone grab my shoulder. Michelle and I looked up to see a big dude, according to Amanda that was Justin Bieber’s bodyguard.

Kenny:Hi guys, what’s wrong?

Michelle:OH MY KENNY HAMILTON. HOW ARE YOU?! Um, i’m kinda okay i guess. We

didn’t get to meet Justin that’s all.

Kenny:Ohhhhh.looking around follow me right now, hurry dont let anyone see you.
Oh and may i ask what your names are?

Michelle: I’m michelle and this is my best friend Amanda!

Kenny:Nice to meet you guys, ya’ll are looking lovley tonight and i think Justin is gonna

be glad to meet you. winks at both of us

I was calm and tired, ready to go home. But Michelle was flipping out in the inside. I could feel her hands shake against mine. We walked over to one of the huge tour busses. Kenny knocked on the door.

Kennny:AY JUSTIN. knock knock knock Got the girls you wanted to meet over here.

Michelle & Amanada: mouths drop & look at eachother


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