These Wounds Only You Can Heal

These Wounds Only You Can Heal

Rain's had a hard life.
When she was 10 something tragic happened to her, something she can't put behind her, something that cut her deep. Rain has been scared of just about everything. She can only find comfort in music and singing, & that barely even helps. Her parents aren't sure what to do with her, so they ship her off to Forks to stay with her brother, where she meets someone that can finally heal those wounds of hers. She even learns things about family.

An Emmett Cullen Story

Chapter 1



Rain Elizabeth Mason: Age 16, red-ish brown/auburn wavy hair, emerald green eyes. Main character

The Cullens: I shouldn't have to explain ;)

Ryan Mason: Rain's identical twin brother.

Preston Mason: Rain's older adopted brother.


Emmett's POV

Focus Emmett, you need to focus. I thought to myself as I ran through the woods, hoping to catch the scent of a grizzly.

I stopped running, angry with myself. I kicked a tree and with a loud crack it fell nearly hitting me in the process. I had to quickly move out of the way before it got the chance to hit me.

"Aaarrggghhhhh!" I growled, clentching my fists, resisting the urge to hit another tree.

What was the point of trying to haunt?
I was too distracted, knowing I'd just gotten into a fight with Rosalie. The worst part was it was a fight over the stupidest thing.

Sighing, I climbed up the second nearest tree, because the nearest tree was kinda, well not standing anymore thanks to my angry rampage.

I jumped from tree to tree, not really caring if i crossed the scent of a bear or not. I wasn't even thirsty, I'd just gone hunting yesterday! The only reason I was out now was to get my mind off Rose, and that wasn't even working.

After a little while I came across the scent of...humans.
Being my nosy-self, I followed the scent. I was led to a couple of little kids. A boy and a girl that looked about 9 or ten and looked like they could be twins.

I got down lower in the tree to see what the were doing.

"I wanna hide first!" the girl insisted. So they were playing hide and seek? The boy glared at her, but huffed a "Fine."

With a triumphant smile the girl skipped off further into the woods.
The boyfound a tree, rested his head against it, then started counting a loud.

I decided I'd follow the little girl, find out where her hiding spot would be.
Instead of skipping like before, the girl was in a full on sprint, darting through the woods, running to save her time to hide. She was actually quite fast for a human her age. She ven got pretty far from where she started.

Of course, becuase I was a vampire, I could still hear her brother counting in the distance he was in the forties.

I froze, starring down at the girl. The familiar scent floating in the air, coming from somewhere nearby. The scent of a bear.

Sure enough, a big 'ol grizzly trudged into the small clearing where the girl was deciding wether or not to hide under to big rocks, leaning against each other forming a teepee.
The girl spun around at the sound of the bear'sheavy footfall. She starred at the bear, her body frozen. Her expression kept flashin from fear and shock.

Before I could do anything, even think, the bear let out a loud growl that echoed through the sky, and got on it's hined legs.
The poor girl let out a scream as the the bear decended towards her. I ran down and grabbed the bear's shoulder, myanking it away. I got a grip on the bear's neck twisting it. With a loud snap and a faint cry from the bear, it fell to the ground, instantly dead. He was lucky, his death was quick, unlike all the bears I had fed from.

I guess my reaction was a little late, because all I could smell was the girl's sickly sweet blood. Venom pooled in my mouth, my control starting to slip away.

I held my breath, resisting the urge to finish her off. As I looked down at the girl, I saw the large claw slah that crossed the girl's small body in a jagged way. Her clothes were torn and she was bleeding pretty badly.
I cringed at the sound of her soft whimper. Her eyes were shut tight, and agony was too clear on her face.

Without anymore hesitation, I lifted the girl into my arms and ran with her.

So this is basically just a prolouge thing-y. Please comment and tell me what you think! I LOVE feedback :D

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