These Wounds Only You Can Heal

These Wounds Only You Can Heal

Rain's had a hard life.
When she was 10 something tragic happened to her, something she can't put behind her, something that cut her deep. Rain has been scared of just about everything. She can only find comfort in music and singing, & that barely even helps. Her parents aren't sure what to do with her, so they ship her off to Forks to stay with her brother, where she meets someone that can finally heal those wounds of hers. She even learns things about family.

An Emmett Cullen Story

Chapter 12


Okay so I have decided that for now I will just put this story on hold until I know exactly how I will continue. It's just my mind has been other places lately and I haven't focused as much on this story!
Hopefully now that I am on summer vacation I will want to continue it.

~Ashley :)

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