These Wounds Only You Can Heal

These Wounds Only You Can Heal

Rain's had a hard life.
When she was 10 something tragic happened to her, something she can't put behind her, something that cut her deep. Rain has been scared of just about everything. She can only find comfort in music and singing, & that barely even helps. Her parents aren't sure what to do with her, so they ship her off to Forks to stay with her brother, where she meets someone that can finally heal those wounds of hers. She even learns things about family.

An Emmett Cullen Story

Chapter 3

So I thought

Song for this chapter is So I thought by Flyleaf


I shivered as the rain poured down on on me.

My older brother Preston was shouting something at me, but I couldn't quite catch what it was.

"WHAT?" I yelled, I could see him laughing, he gestured for me to follow him, then sprinted out into the parking lot. I followed him, finding it hard to keep up, for he was faster than me.

He got to his car and threw my bags in the trunk, when I reached him, he took the lugage I had and threw that in too. I ran to the passenger side door, waiting for Preston to unlock the doors. He fumbled wit the keys, and then dropped them. I sighed, my teeth chattering. He bent down to pick them up and then unlcoked the car. As soon as I heard the 'click' I pulled my door open and jumped in, slamming the door shut.

I took my jacket off and threw it in the back seat. I rubbed my arms with my heads as I waited for Preston to start the car. As soon as it was started I reached over and turned the heat on full blast.

"Better get used to it." Preston teased.

"I don't mind rain...just not running through it and getting soaked." I replied, he rolled his eyes, but smiled.

"You will probably get sick of it though, the rain. It always rains in Forks." he complained.

"Then why'd you move here?" I asked.

"You know why."

"Oh right, how could I forget! Clara, the love of your life!" I gasped jokingly.

"You know, you don't seem as depressed and lifeless as mom and dad said you were." he pointed out.

"Maybe a fresh start is what I needed." I muttered.

* * *

"ARE YOU READY YET?" Preston yelled up the stairs.

"Yeah just a sec!" I yelled back, finishing my makeup.

Grabbing my bag I headed out of my room, about to head down the stairs, but I remembered I still needed to grab my sneakers.
While I was in my room, I took a quick look at myself in the mirror. Afterall it was my first day, didn't want to make a bad impression.

1st day outfit:

"C'mon your going to make me late." Preston joked, ruffling my hair as I walked past him out the door. I rolled my eyes but smiled slightly.

We got into his car and he handed me some papers. "Here's your schedule and other information. Just come to my room if you really need any help, but I think it'd be best if you asked someone." he said starting the car.

"Yeah me too, since I don't even know where your room is." I said, he laughed.

"Good point." he agreed. "Don't worry," he added "It's everyone's first day today."

"Yeah, but a much larger percentage of the people have gone to this school previous years. I'll be fine Pres." I told him.

My brother was the music teacher at Fork's High School.
And as I looked my schedule over, I noticed I had him 7th period.

* * *

I sat in homeroom, playing with my 'Trainwreck' rubber bracelet boredly as the announcements played, welcoming us all to a new school year. My homeroom teacher passed out a bunch of papers for us to take home, and then the bell rang. My first class was chemistry.

It didn't feel like the first day of school. It wasn't sunny, and the weather was cold, back in Illinois it would still be warm as summer started to end. But here it was cold wet and damp, a very gloomy setting if you ask me.

I found my chemistry class easily, when I and other kids walked in the teacher told us we could just sit where ever. I sat in a seat next to the windows. Soon a girl came and sat in the seat across from me. From the corner of my eye I could see her glancing at me. When I turned my head, she realized she had been caught and looked down.

I couldn't seem to stop the laugh that escaped my lips. The girl looked back up at me and I said "Hi,"

She smiled "Hey, I'm June. I haven't seen you before, so I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that your Forks." she said,

"Yes, I'm Rain, nice to meet you June." I said.

"With a name like that, you'll fit perfectly in Forks." she giggled. I smiled.

"I guess so, I hear the town gets a lot of rain." she nodded slowly.

As the teacher drowned on and on about what we'll be learning in his class this year, I starred out the window. I realized that, as gloomy as the place looked, it kinda didn't. If that makes scense.
There were so many different earthly colors, lots of bright trees. The earth looked so alive and...well watered. The colors were pretty.

June and I had a lot of classes together, so we helped each other find them. I even met her best friend Sophia, she was nice. I took her as a very athletic girl.

June and I chatted in our history class, and as I glanced at the doorrway to the classroom, I couldn't help starring at two students that walked in.

They both had very pale skin and bright golden colored eyes that were quite noticeable. It was a guy and a girl. The guy's hair was the same color as mine, an aubern color, and it was kinda spiked up in a messy free way. The girl was short and had dark brown hair that was short and spiked at the ends.
What really stuck out about them though, was there attractiveness.
I honestly don't think I've ever seen people that breathtakingly gorgeous.
These two did not belong in a high school, Forks to say the least. They looked like they needed to be on the cover of fashion magazignes!
Even the way they moved was amzing!

And then I realized that I'd seen someone similar to them. Somone I'd never forget, not ever.

"Rain, you okay?" June asked, following my gaze. "Oh those are the Cullens. Haha, should have figured that's who you were looking at." she smiled.

"They're..." she stopped me. "I know." she smiled.

* * *

I was walking to lunch with June and Sophia. Sophia wa talking about how she was upset because her crush graduated last year and now she has nothing to look forward to for coming to school. I was kinda listening.

We walked into the cafeteria and I think I nearly had a heart attack...for two reasons: Reason #1 there was a loud laugh that scared the sh!t outta me as soon as I walked into the room. Reason #2 the laugh sounded familiar...

Sure enough when I turned I saw his face. I had to do a double look to see if he was realy there. Certainly I must have been dreaming. He couldn't really be here. This is only somethin I could even just hope to dream of. This is a one and a million thing kinda thing! A miracle!

And I felt sick...

"Rain are you okay?" June asked, her eyebrow raised. I felt dizzy. I

He glanced over at me, his laughter stopping.

I couldn't take I ran. I pushed the cafeteria dors back open and rain.

"RAIN!" June and Sophia yelled after me, but I kept running.

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