Queen of Nothing

Queen of Nothing


Rachel Jamesson was abandoned at birth by her own mother. She is one of only four people who know a terrifying secret that -if released- would send the people of Cloudsky into another Age of Riots. With this power in her hands and a the desire for revenge, Rachel aims to take on the most powerful people of this dimension. There is only one problem: She has never even heard of Cloudsky.

Chapter 1

When Decisions Are Made

From the beginning, there were two of us.

One, two.

My sister and me. We were twins, born 12 minutes apart. To each other we were 'little sister'. she was shorter, I was younger. By twelve minutes.

A lot can happen in twelve minutes. Dimensions can shatter, dimensions can be remade. A mother fated to give life to the next queen can choose which of her children she no longer needs.

After all, there is only one throne in Cloudsky.

Thats right. One of us was destined to rule the most powerful people in the universe, those who would be dubbed The Living. The other would be shoved to the sidelines. However... which one was it? The child born at the old dimensions shattering or the one who was born one the cusp of the breaking and the birth? It was easy to tell who was going to bear the child, the tattoo the crown appeared on their arm almost over night. It could never be forged of faked otherwise your own magic would kill you. But what about the child?

The first queen of Cloudsky, Amalniare, devoted her life to this. When her time was almost at its end she stood at the top of her castle and opened her arms to the world. The woman was childless and Cloudsky only barely stable after the Lackin wars made sure a man could never sit on the throne alone. She needed to make sure that stability continued. So she screamed.

" My people. I am your Queen. I am your protector and your servant. I stand only so you can to. And even in death shall I protect you. Even and ever, I give you my life."

And so she did.

Pulling a knife from her belt and the crown from her head she threw both into the air where they began to spin. As they spun, Amalnaire charged them with all her magic and all her life until she was spent. The two items began to pulse with a Brilliant golden light. Just as it seem that the light would consume the items it began to spread, twisting and turning through the masses who had come to hear the queen's speech. It reached out to every woman that crowd and touched her ever so carefully on their left arm. One woman, who's stomach was suspiciously large, let out a cry of surprise. Yet no one noticed her. They were all to focused on the Queen herself. With that, and a final even and ever, she died.

So from that day forward, if a queen died childless the crown appears on the woman who shall give birth to the next ruler. The sword on the one who is that child. The sword, however takes four years to appear.

And that is a LONG time in Cloudskien years.

There have only ever been 8 Queens in the history of Cloudsky. Eight Queens, five kings. Yet never had there ever been twins born to the Suhe'la. So my mother was in a bit of trouble.

From the day she found out she would bear the Queen she was overjoyed. She planned every aspect of that little girl's life. So what did she do when she gave birth to two baby girls?

She chose.

She look from me to my sister. " Will you name them?" the nurse asked politely.

"yes. My daughter shall be Livbethe, meaning Glorious lady."

The nurse looked confused. "What of the other miss?"

My mother didn't even have the heart feel disdain. "She is Raycchell, the devil's own. She is also to be disposed of."

And with that she left.

The nurse looked sadly at the unwanted baby lying on the bed. She knew she was going to do what she was told, but it broke her heart. Gertrude picked her up. She carried her out. She knew from the moment she touched me.

If I could have, I would have laughed. I knew. My sister knew. Even the Nurse Knew. But my mother did not.

I, Raycchell Jamessonn, am the Queen of Cloudsky. My people. I am your Queen. I am your protector and your servant. I stand only so you can to. And even in death shall I protect you. Even and ever, I give you my life... well.if i can convince you i am queen that is. yet anyway.

Sucked in mum.

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