lost past......horrible future

lost past......horrible future

Okay so this is kinda based on a game a play sooooo yeah. 12yr old orphan twins that live in the land of lore. The story will change views between the characters sometimes. And it sometimes might be a journal entry

Chapter 1

The beginning

INFO: When you turn thirteen in the Land of Lore you have to have one of the four clans. If your a natural born Healer or Mage then you have that clan. If not you have to be a Rouge or a Warrior. You can pick different clans downs down the road to be more advance.

Hi! I'm Terra. I have no last name because my brother and I were found as new borns with no mother. My brother's name is Toren and we are twins. We both have green eyes and black hair.
Tomorrow we get to finally be in one of the big four clans! Sadly we're not natural borns so I'm going to be a rouge. A rouge is kind of like an assassin but they don't kill humans; they kill monsters. Toren wants to be a warrior.
I forgot to mention that we are raised by another orphan after the adults left us. She is two and a half years older than us (meaning she's 15). Her name is Ella. People call her Miss Ella but she tells them to call her Mz Ella. She has the most awesome brown hair! She's pale with red eyes and a nose piercing. Nobody knows why but people say that her father a vampire and her mother was a mage. So the three of us have a lost pasts. Well I need to go help Ella with something, talk to you later!

Ok so hi I'm Toren and I am older than Terra by like a minuet. I really want to be a warrior because I hear that you can attract total babes! And I normally get into fights at school.
I have got to tell you something! Ok so Ella brought some guy over a few nights ago for a study date in her room and then she sent us to bed. Anyways, I woke up to get a midnight snack. Ella doesn't go to bed until like one in the morning so I carefully tiptoed past her room. As I walked past I heard moaning. She kept calling Eric's name over and over again.
I ran around the wall and looked in a peep hole I made with a few of my friends. When I looked in a saw candles and clothes all over the floor and Ella's boyfriend inside her! Yeah I know that she's going to make some lie in the morning but she's doing it! They did every position in the book and there were some I didn't even see. I made a fatal mistake of giggling.
He got off of her and then started looking around.
Ella was looking strait at me, "Toren I'm going to kill you!" She tossed a fireball at me and I ran. Sadly my butt got a really bad burn, but hey, thats what I get for snooping around.
Anyways, school sucks right now. Honestly I wish Ella was in school with us most of the time. My sister and I get picked on for being without parents.....but Terra always finds away to shut them up....sighs it stinks.
The door opened and I saw Ella walk in. "Toren time to goto sleep kid."
"Is Tera asleep?" I asked.
"Yeah she went to bed about an hour ago.....hey you ok?" she sat by me.
I grumbled, "Yeah...just don't want to go to school anymore..." I tried so hard not to cry.
She hugged me. "Don't worry lil' buddy," she looked into my eyes and smiled, "everything is going to be fine. Anyways I had problems when I started school till I got these," she pointed to her chest.
"I hope your right," I smiled and hugged her. Call me a perv but I stared slipping my hand in her shirt.
"Hold on," she got up and closed the door, "if I let you touch them will you pay me later with whatever I want?"
She smiled and sat in front of me, "You ready?" I nodded. She took her shirt off and I saw her bare chest. For a girl her age she has the best chest ever! I couldn't stop staring at them. I finally got a grip and put both hands on her chest and started squeezing them. They felt really good. She giggled, "You know, your not that bad," that was the best thing I've ever heard.
"T-thanks," I stuttered. "c-can I t-touch them after a really bad day?"
I thought she would slap me but she didn't. "Sure. I mean I had no one to cry on after school or let the bad vibes go away," she smiled and I did too. She looked down and giggled. "Someone is a lil h0rney."
I stopped and looked down. "Crap," bad memories came back from my last ex....she cheated on me....even after that wonderful night. She looked at me then kissed me. I was so utterly stunned. "Wait, what about Eric?"
"Dumped him the night you saw us. He started making fun of you and I kicked him out," she sighed.
I felt kinda guilty after that. I'm already shirtless so I laid her on the bed and kissed her. "H-how do you feel around me?"
She looked into my eyes and smiled, "Safe," after that we both went into a deep kiss, it was a good one to. She stopped and looked at me. "This is fast but it will only be one night....but I want you, all of you."
"B-but I'm younger than you," I stuttered.
"So? You're not that much younger," she replied and smiled. She was right though. I fumbled with her pants while she was messing with mine. In a few minuets we were both undressed. She looked down my body and laid a hand on my chest. "You're really muscular...and hard," she giggled.
"Yeah I know," I smiled. I started hesitating but then went inside her. I was moving harder and faster than the last time I did it.
She started moaning and pressed closer to me. "You're so freaking good! Please don't stop!"
Blinded by pleasure and by her voice, I was going faster than before. She started kissing me and breathed heaver than before.
Forgetting everything in my life, I felt normal, I've never felt more alive! "Never ever forget this night," I pleaded.
"I won't," she moaned. A few hours later it got to a point were she almost screamed and I almost let myself go. I quickly came out of her and squirted on her stomach. She giggled and started to catch her breath. "If we ever got together......in the future....I would love you coming home every night from battle," She laid her head on my chest.
"I would love that too," I kissed her forehead.
She shivered and got up. "Hey, I'm going to my room....goto sleep, I'll call you later 'k?"
I sighed but smiled, "ok." She kissed me and went through the closet to her room. This day just got better.

I closed the door and sighed. After that experience, I might have a different view on love. I feel good...better than the time with Eric actually. I plopped down on my bed and laid there for awhile. The window broke opened and some guy flew in. "Hey buddy whats the deal? You just broke my window!"
He looked at me with darkness in his eyes, "You're the taking care of Toren and Terra aren't you?"
I nodded, "Yeah...who are you again?" he chuckled and got closer to me. I was feeling a little on edge, "Hey can you like back off?" two words for ya: I'M DEAD. After I said that he wrap a hand around my neck and pinned me against the wall.
"Have you really forgotten who I am?" he smiled.
I gave him a good stare. He had the same green eyes as the twins and the same hair (but his was a little shorter). I had the weirdest flashback though. Sh.it! It was Drakath, the guy that killed my parents. "Your not having them Drakath! I vowed to their mother you wouldn't have them," I growled.
He just chuckled again, but this time I really was scared. "Well it seems you've remembered me."
"How could I ever forget? You killed my parents!" I tried to get his hand off my neck but he made it harder for it get it off.
"I should have killed you then but your maturity level was far to pleasing for me. I mean your half vampire and you can harvest your powers at the age of two," he glided his finger down my body.
I shivered, "What do you want me for anyways?" I smacked his hand off of me.
He got closer to me and whispered in my ear, "First, your coming with me. Then I'm going to take over Lore. After that the pages will unfold with you by my side."
"Are you crazy!?"
"Not it the slightest bit," he started to kiss my neck. He stopped and gave me some clothes, "Get dressed."
I growled and put my torn jeans with my ETF shirt on, "There you happy?"
The next part I was completely foolish. "TOREN! HELP!" I started to run for the closet but he grabbed me with something dark wrapped around my waist.
Next thing I know theres a sword flying in mid air towards my attacker. "Stay away from her!" Toren yelled.
The dark whip pulled me (well slammed me) to Drakath's rock hard body and he just chuckled, "Well, well, well, you have trained my son real well. Of coarse I can't say much about his sister though."
"Whoah back up buddy, my father is dead and you need to get your filthy hands of my girlfriend!" his eyes started flaming.
"Girlfriend? Since when?" he cooed into my neck.
"Since about thirty minuets ago," I hissed pushing him away from me. After I got out of his grasp I ran to Toren and immediately wrapped my arms around him and cried into his chest.
"Well seeing how there is a bound between you and my son, I'm just going to have to break it...for now," he said.
"Stop calling me your son! I'm not your boy!" Toren shouted.
"When will you learn Toren? Its a pity that she hasn't told you yet," he sighed and grabbed his whip. "I shall see you later," he hissed as he flicked his wrist making the whip wrap around my waist.
"Toren there is a white orb in my desk, get it and watch it with your sister," A tear ran down my face as I kissed his cheek.
"But-" he started but was cut off by my screams as Drakath flew in the air taking me with him. "I'll come for you Ella! I promise!" Toren yelled after us. All I heard was Drakath laughing in triumph as I passed out in the night sky.

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