Sometimes the bad guy is your soulmate (A Draco Malfoy Love Story 1)

I'm bored so I did this but I guarantee you that I will keep going on with this and the Harry Potter love story.

Chapter 1

No way in hell,Malfoy

Name:Chloe Woods

I boarded the train waving good-bye to Mrs.Weasley and Bill Weasley.I spent the summer at their house so I could go to the Quidditch World Cup with Harry,Ron,and Hermione.The only thing that ruined my day was the Death-Eaters attacking the campsite and seeing Draco Malfoy in the forest.I looked at my barn owl,Megan,who was hooting as the train rumbled on.I slipped into an empty compartment.I slid the compartment door closed just as pale hand stopped it.I opened it to reveal a revolting Pansy Parkinson with Draco Malfoy and Crabbe and Goyle."I'm sorry,but there are no more compartments.We have to sit here." said Draco,with an evil grin."I'm sorry,but aren't there compartments there and there and look,Blaise Zabini over there saved you a seat." I said,pointing to different compartments,then pointing to Zabini."Sorry Malfoy,but I'm not in the mood to see you." I said.His eyes grew wide."Oh,now I'm Malfoy to you,not a worthless dirty git who horses around?" he asked with a smirk."Come one Draky-poo,let's leave this rhino alone." said Pansy."Yeah,'Draky-poo' go along with your hippo." I said,mockingly.Pansy scowled.I saw a tuft of jet-black hair behind the white-blond hair.Harry to the rescue! "Move it Malfoy." said Harry.I smiled a devilish smile.Draco frowned and turned to face Harry."You're lucky this time Woods." he growled.He glared one last time before walking away to Blaise.I tucked my side-bang behind my ear before sitting down.I sat on the bench and put my legs on it,barely touching Ron.Harry looked at the ground.He had some smudges of dirt on him from when he tripped and got lost in the crowd trying to get away from the Death-Eaters.We hadn't talked much since that day and when the Dark Mark was launched up into the sky.Luckily Hermione broke the silence and awkwardness."So about that game huh?" she said."No,let's talk about what Bill and Mother said.What is going to happen this year?" said Ron.Hermione grinned and got her book of Hogwarts out."I'm way ahead of you.Every 5 years in Hogwarts,there is a Triwizard tournament.So that means 2 years before we came to Hogwarts,there was a tournament,Percy must have seen it.The Triwizard tournament consists of 3 wizards each from different schools and all 3 of them have to complete three tasks in order to get the Triwizard cup",she said,without stopping to breath.I stared at her."Nice work for a mud-blood." said a familiar voice.The compartment was open and again,there was Draco with Crabbe and Goyle."I'm still not surprised that you actually have a girlfriend." I said.Draco frowned."Can I talk to you? In private?" he asked.Harry's face hardened.I thought for a moment."I don't know,if I talk to you,what do I get?" I asked,teasingly."I don't know." he said,puzzled."If I do talk to you,you take me shopping in Hogsmeade.But no funny stuff." I said.He frowned again."Deal?" I asked.He shook his head and walked away with Crabbe and Goyle at his heels.Harry stood up to close the compartment door."Don't.If he comes back again,I'll know instead of having to hear the door squeaking open." I said."Good point." he said.The old lady with the cart came by."Any sweets for you darlings?" she asked grinning.I stood up and walked over Harry and Ron's outstretched legs.I smoothed my robes and started to look for anything that caught my eye.I caught a glimpse of Draco coming toward the cart with money in his hand so I just bought some chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott's Jelly Beans.I handed Harry the candy to hold while I gave her the money.In the process of placing the money in her hand I dropped my almond wand.(

She rolled the cart away and I scattered onto my knees to look for my wand."Looking for this?" I looked up and saw Draco holding my wand.I stood up and grabbed it from him."Thank you." I said harshly.He smirked and walked toward the lady with the cart.I stepped into the compartment to find Harry eating the candy with Ron.I grabbed a handful of jelly beans and some chocolate frogs and ate it.Harry and Ron were battling of who would have the worst tasting jelly bean.Hermione was reading a book about beastly creatures such as werewolves,vampires,hippogriffs,etc. I sat there thinking,what could be so important that Draco wanted to talk to me?



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