Mine Forever A Justin Bieber Love Story part 5

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Chapter 1

Please Don't go <3

by: AmyRyan
I slowly took my lips of Justin and just looked at him. He smiled at me and i just layed my head back in his chest. We continued to just sit there and listen to the rain together in silence. His phone started vibrating like crazy and i sprang up really fast.
Justin picks up phone*


Kenny:Justin hey, i’m comming to get you after we get our check and finish our drinks. In about 15 minutes. The storm is getting really bad and we wanna get you back to the hotel.

Justin:Alright bro, see you then.

Amanda:Who was that?

Justin:Kenny, he’s comming to get me in 15 minutes. sighs

Amanda:No, you cant leave me alone.

Justin:What? your parents are comming home right?

Amanda:No, there out getting drunk. They wont be home untill tomorrow evening i know they will. Please dont leave me in the house IN THE DARK, by myself!

Justin:Wow, alright. Wait you have school tomorrow right?


Justin:Ok, let me call my mom.

Justin calls mom

Pattie:Hey justin, what’s up!

Justin:Nothing, um can i ask you something?

Pattie:Yeah go ahead.

Justin:Can Amanda stay at hotel, all the lights went out and she dosen’t wanna be home alone.

Pattie:Sure, but what happend to her parents?

Justin:Long story, i’ll explain that later. But she has school tomorrow can we just drop her off on our way to the airport.

Pattie:Yeah, that’s fine Justin. Our plane dosen’t leave untill 11:00. We’ll bring her.

Justin:Thank you mom.

Pattie:Welcome Justin, Kenny is comming to get you soon.

Justin:I know.

hangs up phone

Justin:Alright you can stay, lets go get your stuff.

We went up into my room and got my stuff together. As i was packing i had this heavy pain in my chest. My nose started to itch and my eyes were burning. I knew what the feeling was, i was going to start bawling my eyes out. Justin was leaving TOMORROW and i probably wouldn’t see him for a long time. I know i didn’t like him before at all but he stole my heart, i liked him a lot. Finally when i gave him a chance he leaves me the next day. Tears started rolling down my face as i packed my bag.

Justin:Amanda are you crying?

Amanda:sniffs I dont want you to leave me.

Justin:Amanda! crawls down on the floor next to her I’m not gonna leave you, i mean were gonna be far but i mean…if you really wanna see me just call me. I told you i’m just a plane ride away. Dont cry. holds Amanda in his lap.

Amanda:Are you sure? I dont want you to leave then pick up another girl at a concert.

Justin:I’d never in a million years do that to you, i like you a lot. I wouldn’t give you up for anything.

Amanda:You promise?

Justin:kisses Amanda slowly i promise.

I smiled feeling better but heart still feeling crushed. I finished packing in the dark, we went downstairs and onto the porch outside to watch the storm. We sat on the little swing outside my house waiting for Kenny, i sat on Justin’s lap as he wrapped his arms around me. I layed my head on his shoulders feeling warm and safe in his arms. I’ve never felt this way about any boy in the whole world. 15 minutes passed and Kenny finally pulled up in the black escalade. Justin grabbed my backpack and my bag and walked over to the car.

Kenny:WOW! Justin got her sitting on his lap already?

Ryan:This kid is a pimp i swear, he has some swag

Justin:opens car door Hey guys.

Ryan:Sup bro.

Kenny:Les go, it’s getting bad out here.

Justin:Um, this is Amanda.


Ryan:Hi, how are you!

Amanda:I’m good!

Ryan:That’s good, did you guys have fun tonight?

Justin:Yeah, we had a great time.

Kenny:Mhm, what could you guys be doing in the pitch black dark? I thought
her lights went out.

Ryan:cracks up laughing

Justin:Get outta here bro punches Kenny

We blasted music through the huge car back to the hotel. My heart was racing
knowing that i would have to meet his mom, i wanted to know what she would think of me. We pulled into the parking lot of the HUGE 5-star hotel. It was all made from glass, absolutley gorgeous huge glass. Justin was so lucky to live the life of a famous person. He gets to sleep at places like this almost every where he goes. We got into the hotel and went up to his hotel room. Some old women asked for pictures with him, Justin laughed as we walked away saying “even the old women love me”. He took out his hotel card and opened the door to a castle in my eyes.

Pattie:Justin is that you?


Pattie walked towards the doorway where me and Justin were walking towards the living room. She looked all dressed up and pretty. Pattie was little but absolutley gorgeous. I hoped to look like her when i got older.

Pattie:Hey hun, i’m Pattie how are you!

Amanda:Hi! I’m amanda and i’m good.

Pattie:That’s great sweetie. smiles

Justin:Mom, i’m gonna bring her bags to my room.

Pattie:Ok hun, but she’s sleeping on the other bed..

Justin:Oh…uh…i know.

Pattie:laughs Ok justin.

Justin:Where are you going?

Pattie:I’m going down to get some desert in the hotel with Carin what are you
doin nosy?

Justin:laughs just wondering, you looked all dressed up.

Pattie:Well that’s what i’m doing smiles I’m gonna go down now, but i left 30
on the table if you want room service. If you need anything just come down and
get me but with Kenny or Ryan! Ok?
Justin:Yes ma’am.

Pattie:Bye Justin kisses him on head Bye sweetie!


Justin and i ordered hot choclate and split some carrot cake. We cuddled in the huge living room and just watched TV together. I felt Justin take his warm hands and put them in between mine. I lifted up his hand and kissed it as his fingers went through mine. I brought our hands right my heart and laid back on Justin. This was the last night that we were gonna spend together and i wanted to be right on him every second. Justin fell asleep on me as we watched TV, i laid towards him scooted closer to his face still holding hands and shut my eyes. I heard the door open and my eyes shot open. Pattie and i guess her friend Carin walked through the door. I shut my eyes as soon as i heard them walk over to the couch.

whispering conversation

Carin:Oh my, your son. laughs

Pattie:deep breath Man, it’s been one night and now look at these two. This kid is just all over the ladies i swear.

Carin:I know, there cute though. Watch them closely pattie, look at how there laying. I dont even lay like that with my husband. laughs

Pattie:He’s okay, he promises to be pure to women.

Pattie shook Justin and he plopped his head up so fast and let go of my hands.

Justin:Ugh, WHAT?

Pattie:Um, hello cranky?


Pattie:It’s 12:30 got to sleep you to. She has to get up early for school.

Justin:Fine with me, lets go amanda.

We got up and dragged our feet to his room.
Pattie:Justin you sleep in one bed and Amanda can sleep in the other.

Justin:tired voice yeah yeah whatever.


We got into his room, Justin went into the bathroom and changed in to his pajamas as i changed in the bedroom. He plopped right on one of the beds and got under the sheets.
I turned the light out and quickly walked over to Justin. I lifted the covers off of him and kissed him goodnight and walked back over to my bed.

Amanda:whispers Justin…

Justin:Yeah babe.

Amanda:You promise that you wont just forget about me.

Justin:Of course, i’m always here. I like you a lot. I wouldn’t do that to you.


I fell asleep as soon as the conversation ended, around 1:30 i heard laughing and glasses clinking in the living room. It woke me up and i looked staright into the room of blackness. Lighting struck through sky and lit up the room. I looked over at Justin to see him passed out on the bed. I walked over with my blanket wrapped around me and got in the covers with Justin. I felt him turn towards me and rub his eyes.

Justin:tired voiceWhat’s wrong baby?

Amanda:Nothing, i just wanted to cuddle with you. Plus the lighting giggles
And i think your mom is drinking with her friends or something.

Justin:laughs probably.

He litterally dragged me closer to him by my tank top. I bit my lip and put my leg between his and tucked my head into his chest. He lifted my head up and we started making out. Our room door slowly opened, we took our mouths of eachother and pretended to sleep.

Carin:Dude, pattie, kenny,ryan, look at these two! There like eachothers damn shadows.

they all walk in

Pattie:whishpers Are you serious?! Wake him up, i dont want them sleeping in
the same bed. I dont want them to get any ideas.

Ryan:Let em b Pattie, just for tonight. After this have a talk with justin tomorrow, we dont want sx and all that on his mind. The tour is starting up soon he needs to get his head back.

sighs* I know, alright lets go.

They closed the door, me and Justin looked up at eachother laughing silently.

Justin:S*x? really. laughing

Amanda:I know, there insane.

Justin:Right, i’m not ready for that just yet.

Amanda:Of course. smiles

Justin wrapped his arms around my lower back, i put my head back in his chest and fell asleep for the rest of the night. This may sound crazy, but i’m inlove.


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