Jezebel and Jacob ( A Love Story )

Here you go.
I wrote this a couple years ago (2009) and thought I might put it on Quibblo for you to read. I didn't have anything else to do with it.
And no, it's not a Jacob Black love story, I just like the name Jacob for a guy, He kinda looks like 'Black though.
Hope you like it!


Chapter 1

Love :)

I opened my locker, grabbed my lunch and headed for the cafeteria. It was Thursday and I didn’t have any plans for tomorrow night, yet. I looked at the clock, crap, I was late! I ran the last few yards to the lunchroom. As I slowly walked in I saw my friends- Cassie, Charly, Jedlin and Jedlin’s boyfriend Michael-sitting in the back of the room, I walked over to them and sat down in one of the two empty seats next to Michael. Jedlin leaned around Michael to say hi and invite me to the movies with her and Michael tomorrow night.
“Um thanks but no thanks Jed.”
“Aw why not Jez?”
Umm… “Homework” I finally told her.
“What are you behind in?”
“Math” That one was almost true
“I could tutor you and then you can come!” It was true. Jedlin was an A+ student.
“It’s ok. My chores are piling up too. What about Saturday?” She glanced up at Michael looking guilty. Then she looked back at me.
“Jez, um, I’m sort of busy Saturday. Sorry”
“It’s ok. Hey you guys want to come over tonight?”
“Sure but will your dad be ok with that. He doesn’t really like Michael.”
“He’s working late tonight so I’m by myself.”
“Oh. Then yeah, just let me ask Michael what time he wants to go over. What time works for you?”
“Ok!” She asked Michael what time he wanted to come over. Then she leaned back over to me awkwardly, because Michael had grabbed her by her waist and was still holding her like that.
“Does 5:00 work?”
“Ok. Thanks Jezebel!” Then she leaned out of Michael’s hold on her to come give me a hug before getting up to go get lunch with him. I wasn’t hungry so I said bye to Cassie and Charly and went to go back to my locker. As I was stuffing my lunch back in my locker I heard someone call my name. I reluctantly turned and saw Mr. Jones, the principal, walking toward me with a student I didn’t recognize.
“Oh hi Mr. Jones. Did you want something?” Then his phone rang.
“I’ll just be a minute” He said. I decided to play nice and tried to make small talk with the student I didn’t know.
“So are you new here?”
“Yeah, I just started today. I’m Jacob by the way.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m Jezebel.” Then I smiled at him. His answering smile was just a little late. Oh well.
“So Jezebel” Mr. Jones said turning back to me.
“Yeah Mr. Jones,”
“Can you show Jacob here around?”
“Sure… When?”
“I think you have the same schedule so if you could just help him out for the next couple of days…”
“Sure” I said. I knew the school well enough at least.
“Your locker is… 102” Mr. Jones said turning back to Jacob. Great, I thought. The locker next to mine. Mr. Jones left after giving Jacob his combination. I waited as he opened his locker and put his stuff in.
“Ok you ready?” I asked
“Let me see your schedule” I murmured reaching for it. He gave it to me willingly enough.
“Yeah, we have the same schedule” I said.
“So…” He started then shook his head.
“What?” I asked
“Nothing, I, um... never mind”
“No seriously, what?”
“I was just gonna say that, um, you’re kinda…”
“Just say it, come on!”
“Ok Ok. I was just gonna say that your kinda like really pretty, beautiful actually” He said looking at the ground.
“Um thanks Jacob” This was just going to make things awkward. He looked up at me from the corner of his eye then, when he saw that I was waiting for him, lifted his head back up.
“So lunch is almost over and we have chemistry next. Did you take it last year?”
“Yeah. I went on to advanced.”
“Oh. Me too. It’s pretty easy for me so you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping up.”
“Oh. Ok” He sounded…sad.
“Hey, are you ok?” I asked tentatively.
“What? Oh yeah, I’m fine, I guess.”
“What’s wrong?” I insisted hoping this wouldn’t mislead him.
“Nothing you need to worry about.” That was just cold!
“Whatever. We’re gonna be late for class.” I started walking away, he didn’t follow me.
“Are you planning on skipping class?” That worked. He started after me so I continued to walk to class. Suddenly he was there beside me. I hadn’t realized how tall he was. He had to be at least 6 feet tall. I was 5’6 and he looked tall next to me.
“Sorry about back there.” He said.
“What was that about anyway?” I asked.
“It’s personal.” At least his tone was nicer.
“Ok.” We were almost to the door for chemistry.
“Where is the room?” He asked
“Right here.” We were there now.
“Oh. Ok.” As I walked in I went to take my seat, I had no partner, which was bound to be a problem. Of course my no-partner thing was a problem because Mr. Bardner sent Jacob to sit by me. Was I ever going to get rid of him!? Mr. Bardner started teaching then, and I had to focus. I flipped to page 97 and started following along. It seemed simple enough. When Mr. Bardner set us free to get started I quickly read through the procedure one more time.
“Hi,” Jacob said
“Hi,” What was he going to tell me now?
“Can I borrow your book?” Oh
“Um sure,” I said handing it to him. He read it twice and then went to get our materials. This experiment was entirely new to me and it seemed like it was to him too. When he came back I asked him.
“So have you done this before?”
“No. But my friend told me about a similar one he did once.”
“Oh. Ok. Um let’s get started.” The experiment passed quickly and then we were off to the art room. That passed although Jacob sat by me in that class too. That’s when I got sick. I wrote out a pass to the nurse and the teacher let me go. Once I got there and she had taken my temperature she had me lie down on a cot and rest. I was there for a good hour before my stomach felt better. She had me go back to class, but it didn’t disappoint me too much. It was the last class of the day and this class I already sat next to someone. I walked into math late and apologized for interrupting. I hurried to my seat where Jedlin was waiting practically bouncing out of her seat. I slid into the chair and ripped a piece of notebook paper out of my math notebook. I handed it to Jedlin and it took her a few minutes to hand it back to me.
Where were you? Why were you late? And why is the new kid staring at you? That’s creepy. Do you know him? Who is he anyway?
I wrote back:
I was at the nurse. I was late because I wasn’t feeling good. I don’t know why the new kid is staring at me. Yes I know him. And he is some kid Mr. Jones asked me to help. We have the same schedule and his name is Jacob.
I saw her jaw drop as she absorbed the entire note. Then, after another minute, she handed it back to me.
Wow. Do you think Mr. Jones hates you? He seems kinda obnoxious. I’m glad I’m not stuck with him, no offense.
None taken. He doesn’t just seem obnoxious. He is. Big time. I don’t know if Mr. Jones hates me or not and I’m pretty sure he’s been flirting with me all day! This morning when I met him he said I was pretty then changed that to beautiful. I don’t know what I’m going to do with him!!!!! And if I were you I would say the same thing you said!
I know……
Class is almost over I’ll meet you at your locker
Ok Jed

Class ended 5 minutes after that and I hurried to get to my locker. I wanted to be gone before Jacob got there. I was almost finished when he walked up, and I had planned to just go meet Jedlin at her locker, but then he started talking to me.
“So what are you doing tomorrow night?” He asked. I was tempted to tell him I had a date but instead told him the truth.
“Nothing yet, except hanging out at home. Why?” I was sure I didn’t want to know the answer.
“Well, I was wondering if you would go out with me?” Yup I was right. I shouldn’t even have asked.
“Um I dunno I have to ask my dad and I gotta finish my chores and…,”
“Jezebel, you don’t have to make up excuses if you don’t want to go out with me I understand but don’t lie to me. If you want to go out with me just say yes if you don’t just say no. And no more excuses please.”
“Umm… I have to go now but… here’s my number, call me later. Bye” I gave him my number grabbed my backpack and went to go get Jedlin. I told her what had happened and it was all she could do to keep from screaming out loud right there in the parking lot! I was barely out of the parking lot when I realized I needed gas so I went by the gas station. I had pulled in and the gas was filling up my tank I waited impatiently in my car meanwhile another car pulled up behind me. I recognized the driver at once. Was he following me? Jacob got out of his car and walked around to go get the nozzle. My tank was full so I got out with my hood up trying to hide my face. It didn’t work. My hood fell down and Jacob recognized me and jogged over to talk to me, again.
“Hi Jezebel.”
“Hi Jacob. Was there something you wanted?” I knew it was cold but he wouldn’t get the hint if I didn’t say it like that.
“No, not really I just wanted to come say hi.” He sounded sad now.
“Well you said hi. You should go check your car. I bet the tank’s full by now.”
“Yeah, I’ll call you later. Bye” Dang it, I hurt his feelings. I didn’t really like him but I didn’t mean to be so harsh. Oh well. Maybe he got it and would leave me alone tomorrow. I got back in my car and drove home. It was 4:30 by the time I pulled into the driveway. I called Jedlin and asked her what she wanted for dinner. She gave me the usual ‘whatever you’re already making is fine!’ and then said bye and hung up. I decided to make spaghetti since it was the only fast and easy thing I knew how to make. While the noodles were cooking I sat down in the living room and got most of my homework done. The doorbell rang then and I went to answer it. It was Jed and Michael of course. We said hi and then ended up in the living room eating dinner.
“This is really good Jez.” Michael commented
“It is,” Jedlin agreed.
“Thanks.” I said.
That was pretty much it on conversation during dinner. After that Michael found something on TV that he wanted to watch so Jedlin and I went up to my room. She asked about tomorrow night and if I was going to tell Jacob yes or not.
“I honestly don’t know Jed. He’s really obnoxious and he doesn’t seem like my type of guy.”
“You don’t have a type Jez.” She said.
“I don’t?” I asked shocked.
“No, you don’t date enough to know what you like in a guy or not. And you definitely don’t date enough to have a type.” She started giggling at the end and I joined in when I realized, she was right.
“I need to get out more don’t I?” I said
“Well... yeah, pretty much. Which is why you should tell Jacob you’ll go out with him.”
“I don’t know….”
“I’d double with you.” That made the idea of going on a date with Jacob much more appealing.
“Hmmm… tempting but I don’t know if I would want to go then either.”
“Jez if you never take any chances because you’re afraid then how will you ever find Mr. Right?”
“I don’t know.”
“Which is exactly why when Jacob calls you I will be here and I will make you say yes if I have to.” She sounded serious.
“Ok. I give up. You know you’re impossible to reason with Jed.” I teased giving her a hug.
“I know!” She smiled! We walked back down the stairs laughing and into the living room. Then we were quiet because Michael had fallen asleep. Jedlin mouthed to me: Do you have any whipped cream? I nodded. Then went to the kitchen to retrieve it. I handed it to her and she tugged the cap off then put some in Michael’s hand. Then she found a feather on the floor and tickled his nose with it. Her plan worked and he smeared the whipped cream all over his face! Then she kissed him lightly on the lips and, when he woke up, said:
“Whipped cream is a good look for you!” He looked at his hand, which still had whipped cream on it, and then smeared it on Jed’s face. She squealed and then ran to the bathroom dragging me along with her.
“That was hilarious!” I told her after handing her a washcloth.
“Yeah, I guess, until he rubbed it on my face.” Then my phone rang.
“Oh no,” I groaned
“Put it on speaker phone!” She demanded. I hesitantly opened my phone and hit the speaker button.
“Hi, Jezebel?”
“Yeah. Is this Jacob?”
“Yeah. How are you?”
“Good. You?”
“I’m fine. Have you come to a decision yet?”
“Yeah, I decided.” I was going to tell him no but then Jedlin took my phone took it off speaker and then imitated my voice and told him yes.
“Ok Jacob, I’ll see you at school tomorrow. Bye!” She was using her flirting voice. Then she hung up and handed my phone back to me. I glared at her speechless.
“I told you I would make you say yes. I could tell by your expression that you were going to say no so I took your phone and told him yes for you!”
“You know I’m gonna have to hurt him now. You do realize that right? Because I’m not going on that date so I’m just gonna have to cancel on him and hurt him.”
“No, you’re going on that date Jezebel. If it’s the last thing I do it’s gonna be making you go on a date with Jacob.”
“It may very well be the last thing you ever do because - since I’m too chicken to go alone and you’re doubling with me - after the date I’m going to kill you.”
“We’ll see who gets the last laugh!” She said and bounded out of the bathroom and back into the living room. I walked slowly back to the living room only to find Jed sitting on Michael’s lap kissing him when I got there. I sat down in a chair intending to wait out their sudden need for each other but once I sat down Michael picked Jed up and sat her on the armrest beside him. She leaned her head against his shoulder and then, after about 10 minutes, drifted off to sleep.
An hour had gone by when Michael suddenly stood up, stretched, then reached down to pick Jedlin up. I opened the door for him and then walked out to get the car door for him too. After he had her buckled in he shut the car door and turned to me.
“I’ll see you tomorrow Jez, bye.” Then he got in his car and drove away.

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