love and hate part one (by lily! dark night love story gone horribly wrong!)

love and hate part one (by lily! dark night love story gone horribly wrong!)

hi this is lily! this is my first story and i was just mucking around and typing up a random story! tell me if you like it or not i can take the insults! but i hope you like it!!! the story is about a girl named anna who is a dancer who has been seeing the Joker! yeah i know, she's insane but wait and see!! =)

Chapter 1

the "kidnapping"

The wind blew through the darkened streets of Gotham City as a young woman with long light brown hair and deep blue eyes hurried home from a dance studio. The sun had set an hour ago and only a few streetlights flickered with life. The young woman wore a brown overcoat to hide her red leotard and tutu. She hurried past a camera and looked straight into the lens; her home was only just down the street.
She picked up her pace, almost running until she finally reached her front door. She fumbled with her keys for a bit but with a shove, the door opened exposing her small house she called home. She chucked her bag down and went into the kitchen and got a bottle of mineral water.
Suddenly, three large men with clown masks grabbed her from behind. She tried to scream but they quickly bound and gagged her and pulled her out the back door. As they pulled her out, three more went back in with bottles of gasoline and matches. They soaked the entire house with gasoline and then they struck a match and the house was a flame.
The young woman watched as they pulled her past an ATM and into a black van where they pulled the gag off and roughly shoved a cloth soaked with chloroform over her mouth. She slipped to the floor unconscious.
About an hour later, she pulled herself up but instead of being in a van, she was on a purple double bed with silky sheets and a mobile of clowns hanging from the ceiling. She sat up on the bed and suddenly the door swung open and a man with pale skin, green curly hair and ruby red lips that extended up his cheek through scars walked in. “Honey I'm home!”
He looked down at the woman who jumped up and raced over for a hug. “Anna!” he pulled her in and kissed her lightly. “Oh Joker!” Anna said in the same manner. “Everything went according to plan...”
“Not plan, an idea that worked out in the end.” The Joker injected. Anna raised an eyebrow and the Joker stopped.
“What I was trying to say was I looked at the camera like you said but YOUR henchmen bound and gagged me, then knocked me out! Do you mind explain this to me?!?” the Joker knew he was in trouble so he lightly pushed Anna onto the bed.
“They’re new, and I told them to collect you from your house and that you were very important.” He grinned his award-winning grin and Anna smiled back. “I’ll kill them for you.” Said the Joker with ease. He got up and Anna jumped up as well.
“NO!!! Please, no more killing! For me?” the Joker rolled his eyes and dropped back down onto the bed. “But what can I do when I'm bored?” Anna sat behind him and wrapped her hands around his waist and began kissing his neck.
“Well I can think... of a few things... that are even more fun... and nobody get hurt... much.” The Joker chuckled softly and turned around to face Anna who was now just wearing her leotard that showed every curve of her body. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him until their lips were a few centimetres apart.
“Scissors, paper, rock. Loser gets chained up, winner chooses where.” Anna ended with a wink.
“You’re on!” they did it and Anna choose paper and the Joker choose scissors. Within five minutes Anna was chained to the bedroom wall. Joker began to nibbling at her neck when the glass shattered and in flew Batman from the window.


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