Angel or demon love story

hey this is my first this will be about a girl named amber and read to find oh more...5 comments to continue :) pls tell me wat you think i can take critisism so comment if its good or bad anf why

Chapter 1

New school

I hate this, me and my mom moved to a new town in the middle of the school year.I had a lot of friends at my old school but then i started cuting so i lost alll of them, so now im a loner no one likes me. Im 5 ft 7 1/2 with long (down to the middle of my back) black hair, Well i get out of bed and get dressed in my fave black jeans and black shirt and black sweater and brush my hair over my eye. Well time to go to the bus, the school is ugly and small with only 200 students. my schedule is all my worst subjects thenthe best subject ever (art).
comment for more pls

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