a two days in heaven story

this is something i made for 2 days in emo heaven but just decided to do this one hope you enjoy

Chapter 1

stuufed tiger,Jake (My brother and your secret crush)

by: MrsBoddy
Me being your best friend jennifer invited you to one of my biggest partys ever in which you didnt not know we had to play two days in heaven.
“Knock Knock Knock” “I got it” my brother yelled from the hall “Ohh Rose gosh finaly you’re here we couldn’t start the game without you” he said leading you into the living room “what game” you asked suspicously “My sister didn’t tell you that were playing two days in heaven gosh shes evil” Jake said laughing “Thank you I know im evil but don’t gloat about it cause it might make people jealous” I said as you two had made it into the little crowded living room “Ok pick something from here without looking” I said shoving the hat towards you “Do I have too” you asked glumly “yes now hurry up and pick” I said getting impatient “Fine gosh” you said while reaching into the hat and pulling out a stuffed tiger and before anyone could say anything you yelled “WILLIAMS i missed you so much” you said hugging the tiger “Ohh sure you like the tiger more than me I see how it is” Jake said grinning “yup sure do” I said jockingly “Well guess what…… I don’t care he will just have to wait for his turn to be with you” Jake said taking your hand a walking towards his room Once you two finaly get to his room jake shuts the door and says “Ok give me Williams and no one gets hurt” Jake said stepping closer too me “ Nope Williams is mine now” you said sticking out your tounge and then turning your back towards him “ Please I want Williams back and anyways you cant take back presents” he said still looking at me “ Nope sorry its to late now” you said starting to laugh a little “Fine but don’t forget you made me do this” he said walking slowly toward me “wait what are you gonna-“ But before you could finish he started to tickle you “ahhhh-no” you said between laughing “ give me Williams and I’ll stop tickling you” he said by this time you were sitting on the floor pinned down and being tickled by jake so you gave up and said “here take him just stop I cant breath” you said handing him williams A couple minutes had passed by when you could breath right again “uhhmmm Jake you know you can get off of me right” you said feeling your heart start to race and felt your face flush to a blood red “ and what if I don’t want to” he said looking into your eyes and then picked your chin up and placed the most gentlest swettest kiss on your lips you could feel sparks fly it was like you were in heaven but then you came back to reality as jake said “ Im so sorry I uhhh- why did I do that Im such a dumb-head you probally don’t even like me dang im so sorry Rose” “Jake you really think I don’t like you” you asked “I mean did I really hide it that good” you said after a few seconds of thinking to yourself “wait are you saying you have the same felling for me as i do for you” Jake asked hopefull “No Jake …….Not unless you love me, Not unless you feel head over heels for someone that’s truly amazing Jake what im trying to say is that I love you and I always have why do you think I hung out with you more than your sister hah?” “ I love you too” he said while going to hug you but notice you flinced when he touched your arms and back “ uhmmm Rose what happened to you did your parents do this to you” he asked very nervously “ well uhmm only a few but the rest my boyfriend did to me” you said starting to cry “ what let me see please” He asked trying to calm you down “sure yeah” you said as you pulled your shirt off and showed him the frenzy on scars,cuts, bruises,and wounds. “ Ohh my gosh why are you staying with him if he does this to you” Jake said holding back the tears forming in his eyes “ Because he said I was usless and no one would want me but also if I left him he said he would kill me” you said falling to your knees and crying even harder “put your shirt on and come with me” Jake said a couple of minutes later you had the shirt on so Jake took your hand and slowly lead you into the living room were your boyfriend was and also were the party was still going on But not only was your boyfriend there but he was with another girl too so Jake still walked up to him and said “IF you ever come around her or hurt her i will personly kill you myself you got that” Jake said now holding me close in his arms and for some reason I felt so safe so warm and so happy until I heard my now ex. Boyfriend Alex say “who care about her nobody will want her she might as well go end her life now and not be such a stupid ugly emo then maybe everyone in this world will finally be happy” when I heard this I walked up to Alex and hit him up side the head with a piece of wood then called 911. When you heard this you ran into Jakes bathroom and locked the door crying you looked into the mirror and said “hes right I am ugly and no one probaly really cares about me im just a stupid emo” “uhhh Rose are you in there” Jake asked knocking on the door worriedly “Just leave me too die and go away” you said taking out a razor “ what heck no im not gonna let you freaking kill yourself have you gone insane” he said taking out his spare bathroom keys and unlocked the door to find you with a razor in your hands fixing to kill yourself but he ran over to you and snatched the razor putting it up some were really high and then kneeled down beside you “please….kill ….me…I cant stand to live any longer you said putting your head on his lap

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