Sometimes the bad guy is your soulmate (A Draco Malfoy Love Story 2)

If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. ~J.K. Rowling, "Padfoot Returns," Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 2000, spoken by the character Sirius Black

Chapter 1

No funny business.

The train lurched."We're here!" shouted Ron.I smiled and said,"Hogwarts,here I come." I ate my last jellybean and choked on it."Pepper." I coughed out.We burst out laughing as we tumbled out of the train.We saw an enormous shadow by the first year boat."Hi Hagrid!" I shouted.He waved back an enormous hand.We headed to the fourth years boat.We climbed in and rowed to the castle.

We sat down at the Gryffindor table and watched the sorting.After the sorting,food appeared on the plates.I took a sip of pumpkin juice and ate my jello.We laughed and joked just like the old times until I saw Draco staring at me.My smiled faded.Harry noticed and slid over to block Draco's gaze.I could imagine him frown.I continued eating until Dumbledore put up his hand to silence us.It became so quiet,you could hear a cricket."Due to this year's occasion,there will be no Quidditch matches." said Dumbledore.Groans and moans came from the Quidditch players from all houses.Dumbledore put his hand up again.It became silent."We will be having 2 wizard schools coming over for......the Triwizard Tournament." he said.Gasps came.Once again,he put his hand up.Then,Filch came hopping down the aisle.He whispered something in Dumbledore's ear and then hopped back out."Well,here they come.Please welcome the school of Beauxbatons!" he said.The door opened and a group of girls with sky blue robes came in,followed by an woman who was taller than Hagrid (say what?).Dumbledore walked by the side of the woman whom he called Madame Maxime."Hagrid found his soulmate." I said.Harry and Ron laughed as Hermione nudged me with a smile.Dumbledore then said,"Now,please welcome Durmstrang!" A group of boys walked in with black suits and fur robes.They did cartwheels,somersaulted and one even blew a torch into a shape of a falcon.They were followed by Viktor Krum and Igor Karkaroff.Ron went into fits when he saw Viktor."Bloody hell,it's Krum!" he shouted.I stared at him.Karkaroff went up to Dumbledore and hugged him.Ron stared jaw-dropped,wide-eyed.I threw my napkin at him.He glared.I smiled.

After the speech about the rules of the Triwizard Tournament,dinner ended.The prefects told the password (pig snout) and lead us to our dorms.There was a plaque that said Fourth Year Girls.I opened the door and the familiar smell came to me.The large square room looked so comforting.I went to my bed and quickly unpacked.I put my books,ink bottles,and quills on the night table.I quickly changed into:

I walked downstairs and saw Harry and Ron playing wizard chess."If you beat me once again,I will go in hysterics." said Harry.I laughed."Oh hello,Chloe." said Ron.Ron moved his knight which killed Harry's king."That is it." said Harry.He sat down on the couch pouting."I thought you were going to be in hysterics." said Ron,sarcastically."Well-" said Harry,getting interrupted by Seamus Finnigan."Malfoy wants to see you,Chloe." said Seamus.I looked suspiciously at the portrait hole and said,"What does he want?" I walked out of the portrait hole and saw Draco in a t-shirt and boxers.I have to admit,he was hot."What do you want?" I said coldly.He looked nervous and said,"WellIwaswonderingifyouwouldgotoHogsmeadewithme?" "I'm sorry,come again?" I said.He sighed,looked me in the eyes and said,"I was wondering if you would go to Hogsmeade with me?" I eyed him with curiosity and suspiciousness.I finally asked,"Why?" He smirked and said,"Why not?" "Well,Draco,if you're going to ask me to Hogs-",I got interrupted."Did you just call me Draco?" he asked.I stared at him and said,"No I called you Donkey and as I was saying,if you're going to ask me to Hogsmeade,you might as well be nice to my friends,especially Hermione.Why don't you go with Crabbe and Goyle or Pansy or Blaise and of course I called you Draco." He frowned and said,"Well,Crabbe and Goyle are coming with me,they're just so....I don't know,immature,Pansy on the other hand is going with her "girlfriends" and Blaise is going with his other friends." I sighed,"Fine.I'll go with you,but no funny business." He smirked and said,"Good night Chl-" "No,you call me Woods,I call you Draco." I said.He sneered and said,"Fine,good night Woods." And with that,he walked off.I said pig snout to the snoozing Fat Lady which I hope didn't overhear our conversation before snoozing off.She swung open and I climbed in."What did he want?" asked Harry.I hesitated and told him about our conversation.Harry looked angry and said,"Be careful Chloe,his dad is a death-eater." I sighed.Harry was always like a big brother to me."I will Harry,thanks for caring about me." I said,giving him a big hug.

I walked up to my dorm and saw Hermione doing some extra homework.I said,"Hermione,Hogsmeade weekend is tomorrow right?" She nodded.I once again sighed and hopped onto my bed saying good night to Hermione and then closing the curtain of the four-poster.

I woke up.I stifled a sigh and changed into:

After tying on the last shoelace,I quickly grabbed my bag of money and tied it to a belt loop on my jeans.I went down to the common room and walked down to the Great Hall with Harry,Ron,and Hermione.I saw Draco sneak a glance at me and smirk.



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