Clush [Jacob Black Love Story] 1

Clush [Jacob Black Love Story] 1

ok, so. this is my jacob black love story' .
your name is just gonna be the blank; _
& just fill in your description, i guess.
for your info. you moved from cali to LaPush, and you've been there for a while, enjoy.
this is only the beginning & it will get much better.


Chapter 1


by: OhMay_
Gosh , i thought, another boring day of school, no different from any other.
"_! Time to get up" I blocked the voice out of my ears, and fell back asleep.
"_! I told you to get up! or you gonna be late" This time the voice was right infront of me. It was my stepmother, Gina, she was in my room snatching the blanket off of me.
I got out of bed and went straight to the bathroom, then i started my normal routine of getting ready.
By the time i was downstairs it was 7:45, enough time to snack on an apple & walk to school in time to meet Jazmin, my new best friend, since i moved to LaPush. Time went by in a flash, we were already in last period, algebra, the best class of the day.
Not because of the actually class but because of who was in it, Jacob Black. The guy of my dreams, he was like a god, perfectly tanned skin, muscles, and his spiky black hair added to his hotness.
I was starring at him, & im guessing Jazmin realized this, "Your gawking again"
i felt the blood rush to my face, "Sorry, its hard not to, he's so.. beautiful"
"He is not, maybe last year, but not anymore, hes all hopped up on roids" she said with a laugh.
"Pssh, thats all natural" i said a little too loud, Jacob looked over at me and smiled; i blushed.
The rest of the class, my face was tomato red, i swear.
The bell rang, and he got up, so did i, you know to 'accidentally' run into him at the door. It worked, we caught each other at the door, "ladies first" he said with a cocky smile. I returned the smile & walked infront of him.
Next thing i knew, i was falling. My face hit the ground, i turned around and saw Jacob, laughing with his gang of friends. He actually tripped me.. and was laughing about it. It was so embarrassing, they were all mumbling 'loser' & walked over me, like a was some piece of trash nobody wanted to pick up. Jazmin looked like she didn't even know me, and walked past. What a good friend she was! Worst day of my life, I grabbed my things and ran to the nearest exit as quick as possible. I saw Jacob and his crew blocking up the sidewalk i usually use to walk home.
So i decided to take a different way. I cut through the woods and ten minutes later i was lost. It was getting dark, and i was starting to hear things. I got my phone out, no signal. Crap, im screwed.
I was on the brink of tears, but then a man appeared before me. Well not really a man, but a young guy, about my age. You get the picture.
"Hello.." he said meekly, he was cute, brown hair, fair skin, defined features.
"Oh, uhmm, hey" I babbled at a lose of words, "Do you by any chance know where we are ?" i asked finally coming back to Earth.
He smiled, & geez, his teeth were sparkling "Forks." FORKS?! I ended up in flippin' Forks i thought to myself. I was there zoning out, thinking about everything happening right now.
Let me tell you that was the worst mistake i could of done.
I felt a sharp sting in my neck, like two needles getting stabbed into my veins, like my blood was getting sucked out. Cold hands wrapped around my waist and gently set me on the ground as black and red dots clouded my vision. I had to stay awake and get home, dont fall asleep. But it was too late, i felt sleep coming over me. The heavy feeling of being tired. Like after you've ran a marathon and you just wanna pass out for days. And thats what happened, i fell asleep & lets the events of the day drain out of my body.

TBC! (: ok, so. i hope you guys liked it. this is just the beginning & its gonna get much better in the next on, jacob, and the vampires will come in part 2 !

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