My Tour Bus Romance! (a nick j love story)

Hi ppl!
i'm thinking about making the same story 4 joe,so tell me if you want!
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Chapter 1


by: noa_XD
let's start with the charecter:
Alexis Noella Vega-main charecter. she is 17 years old and she is a junior at "Ther Buckley School" in sherman oaks,calif. she's living with her former model/actress turned house wife mother-Victoria,her casting director step-father-Andy,her twin bro Matt,her older sis Stella and her younger sinblings Tommy & Nelly in Bell Air.her BFF is Maddison.she is a good student,she is a gymnast and a dancer,she LOVES to sing,she's into sports,she models every now and then and she has the life that most people DREAM of having. and of course she's a huge jonas brothers fan.
Maddison Sophia Tai-Alexis's BFF and nighebor. she's also 17 and goes to Buckley. she is an only child and she lives with her stylist mother and business-man father. she is not a very good student,she is a cheerleader and she is also a big jonas brothers fan.
Mattt Vega-Alexis's twin.he play basketball,soccer,baseball,and football. he's dating Brianna.
Stella Vega-Alexis's older sis. 21 years old and goes to NYU.
Tommy & Nelly Vega-Alexis's younger siblings. Tommy's 12 and Nelly's 7. they also go to Buckley.
Brianna Monroe:the popular girl in school. she is the head-cheerleader,she hates Alexis and Maddinson and dating Matt.

summary of what happened b4 our story starts:
the jonas brothers are having a contest to c who are their biggest fans and invite 3 of them to join their 3 month european summer tour (i wish...). Alexis won the contest,but nobody (but her family and her bff) knows that because the name of the winners wasn't anounnced in public yet,so she doesn't know who will join her on the tour,but there's a rumor going around that two students from her school won this,so maybe she does know one of the winners.

BTW-i'm writing the story from Alexis's POV.just for your FIY :)

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