My Tour Bus Romance! (a nick j love story)

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Chapter 4

chapter 2

by: noa_XD
"hey,nice 2 meet you girls" joe said and reached his hand to us,and then pulled it back after he saw we didn't react. brianna was the first one to pull herself together. "hi! sorry,we're all just so excited to meet you guys.i'm brianna." she said and shook joe's hand,that was reached at us again. soon enough katt and i pulled ourselves together also. "hi.nice to meet you,i'm katt" katt said and shook kevin's,joe's and dani's hands. i was just about to introduce myself when i saw nick,who stood behind the group,being pushed towards me a little too strong, and we both almost fell down. "sorry!" big rob said. "it's cool" i said. "i'm sorry too" nick said. "don't worry,it's okay. hi,nice to meet you,i'm alexis" i said and introduced myself to everyone. afterwards the guys showed us the way to their private jet (i think i speak for all of us when i say-ahhhhh happy scream). as we walked into the plane i felt like someone's staring at me behind me. i turned around and saw nick stumbles upon the stairs. i tried not to giggle and walked in. i sat down next to katt,and after everyone took their sits,the plane took off.
About 30 minutes later everyone started to get comfortable,or atleast pretended to,i mean,we're gonna spend 3 month together after all, might as anyway,we started to talk,make jokes,tell about our excitments and what's not.
A couple hours into the flight,i had to go to..ya know,go,and on my way back to my sit i noticed nick was sitting alone,so i decided to join him. "hey" i said smiling and sitting down.he jumped a little and raised his head from the little notebook he was writing in. "oh,hi! i'm sorry,i didn't see you there" he put his pencil down and closed the notebook. "i kinda noticed. so y r u sitting here all alone? it's pretty fun over there" i pointed about 3 feet ahead of us,to the front of the plane where everyone was sitting and laughing. "it does seem like fun,though i'm kinda in the middle of something here" "oh,do you want me to go?". i was about to stand when he grabbed my arm. OH MY GOSH!! "no,i actually could use some company" he said and gentely pulled me back to my sit. "well,company is my middle name" i smiled and sat back down. nick let out a small laugh. "no,seriously,that's how my friends call me,whenever some1's alone i always sit next to them. whether they like it or not." i smiled and laughed aswell. "so what were you writing?" i questioned. "nothing,music,mostly. i got inspired" nick said and moved the notebook slightly further away from me. "haa..may i ask by what?" "just,things.." he left my question unanswered. "okay,well, i.." i started saying,when i heard joe's voice calling my name. "hey! alexis,can you come over for a second?" "sure" i called at him and walked over after giving nick a small 'i'll be right back' smile. "yup?" i plopped next to Joe. "we were just wandering,are you the girl on those pictures for company...thing..with that model-Victoria Vega?". i laughed "yeah.that's actually my mom, but.." i started, but joe cut me off "told ya! wait,that's your mom?!" joe's eyes widened "yeah.." i giggled and blushed a little "wow..wait, so your dad is andy moore, the director?" joe asked, a little boy's excitment in his eyes and voice "yeah,step-dad, actually,and my mom is formerly Vega, now she's Moore too, but yeah.." i blushed a little bit more. i don't like it when people mention my famous family. "wow" dani smiled "as a kid i had pictures of her on my walls. she's amazing!" i blushed again, giggling a small "thanks" and looking down. "k,well, how about we try to get some sleep, we land in Madrid in a couple of hours." kevin said and leaned his head back on his chair after kissing his already sound asleep wife. we all agreed, leaned back in hour chairs and said goodnight (though it was almost 3:30 in the morning). before shutting my eyes and quickly falling asleep, nick, we came over and sat next to me, smiled sweetly at me and said "goodnight". after saying it back, i had the best sleep i've had in years.

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i'm so so so sorry for not writing in like, months, it's been crazy hectic in school, i barely had time for my social life! but i'm continuing my stories, little by little. only 24 more days till summer vacay!!!
have a new instegram account. follow me- noa_gould
one again- i love you guys!!!

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