Mine Forever A Justin Bieber Love Story part 8


Chapter 1

Plane Ride!

by: AmyRyan
I woke up the next early morning to my mom shaking my shoulders. Today had
finally come, i was flying down to Atlanta Georgia to stay with Justin for a
couple of days and i was so excited.

Mom:Wake up manda, let’s get ready.

Amanda:rubs eyes ugh, alright.

Mom:You sure you wanna do this?

Amanda:YES MOM, why wouldn’t i?

Mom:I don’t know, if ANYTHING goes wrong you

call me or your father okay?


I got in the shower, and got ready to leave for the airport. My suitecase was
FULL of clothes, probably a months worth of clothing in there. After i was done
getting ready i brought all my things downstairs, my dad got all my bags into
the car and we headed off to the airport. I was completely mad at my dad for
what he said last night. It brought back so many terrible memories. My phone
vibrated, text from Justin of course.

Justin:LES GO.

Amanda:Hahaha, your crazy…i’m excited to see you! <3

Justin: i know me to babe. how’d you sleep?

Amanda:Not good…at all.

Justin: why

Amanda:because you weren’t with me and what my dad said to me </3

Justin:Ah, i needed you with me last night to babe! what did he say to you?

Amanda:Um, i cant say it over text message…i need to be honest with you and
tell you in person.

Justin:Is it bad?

Amanda:I’ll talk to you in a couple of hours about it boo, about to walk into the
airport and i wanna turn my phone off.

Justin: /: alright, have a SAFE trip. See you in a couple of hours♥

I smiled at the text and turned my phone off. I stood and talked with my parents
for a while since we were early. Man was i excited to just get on that plane and
fly to see Justin. I was kinda scared to be riding a plane by myself, but it would
only be a couple of hours.

Dad:I want you to be careful…

Amanda:I know, i’m not stupid.

Mom:I love you very much.

I boarded onto my plane, i was one of the top 5 people on there. I sat in my seat
put my bag on my lap and smiled knowing that i’d be with Justin. There was a
little girl about 8 years old walking down the aisle with her mom with a purple
Justin Bieber shirt on, i laughed knowing that she’d be in for a big shock when
she got off the plane to see him standing there. A kid my age sat in the seat
next to me. It was so awkward sitting by someone i didn’t know for about 6
hours. We ended up making conversation in the middle of the flight, he was very
sweet and easy to talk to.

Derek:Hey, i’m Derek. what’s your name?

Amanda:Hi, i’m Amanda!

Derek:Beautiful name

Amanda:smiles thanks.

Derek:So where are you headed to?

Amanda:Um, the same place as you!

Derek:laughs wow, i’m dumb.

Amanda:laughs No…you aren’t.

Derek:Well, what are you doing going down to Atlanta?

Amanda:I’m visiting a friend actually. smiles

Derek:Really, that’s sweet. A childhood friend or something?

Amanda:No, Justin Bieber.

Derek:I honestly belive that your going to see him to. laughs

Amanda:Why wouldn’t you believe me?!

Derek:No no i do, you’re so gorgeous i would think that kid would pick up
someone like you. laughs

Amanda:Oh? thanks. laughs

Derek:Yeah, how’d you guys meet…

Amanda:Ah, long story.

Derek:Oh, so he’s not ga*y? laughs hysterically

Amanda:excuses me? That’s really actually not funny at all. Justin is nowhere
near GAY, i’m not giving out too much information about him and I but he is not
gay one bit. You don’t know him and he has NO IDEA that you exist, so i prefer
you not talk shi
t on Justin because when you mess with him you mess with me.

I didn’t even give him time to answer, i stuck my i-pod headphones in my ear
and blasted Taylor Swift. I looked out the window smiling, no one would ever
mess with Justin. Eventually i dozed off untill i felt someone shake me. It was
one of the flight attendance, we had finally made it to Atlanta. As I waited for
people to walk down the aisle, i fixed my hair put on chapstick and tried to look
decent for Justin.

Derek:Ah, try to look good for your man.

Amanda:says with attitude Hell yeah.

I finally boarded off the plane, i turned on my phone and searched around for
Justin. 10 minutes went past and i couldn’t find him anywhere, i started to panic
a little especially because the place was so crowded. My phone buzzed and i
finally got a text from Justin saying, “turn around”. There he was…standing there
with the biggest smile on his face. People took pictures of Justin as he stood
there, he didn’t even move as people called his name. I ran towards Justin and
jumped in his arms


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