Love Lost In A Forbidden Valley (A Draco Malfoy Story) part 7

so there is a part in his POV, and i know i said i wouldnt do that. but i decided that i would start doing it, i just wont do it for every chapter..


Chapter 1


by: kinewnew
It was the middle of May; it’s been two months since she has spoken with her father, or Draco. Her heart still ached with the pain of her break up. Her mind hasn’t thought of anything besides him. She sighed heavily, wondering why it was too hard to forget him. She hated him with every fiber of her being, though she still loved him too much. It’s sort of funny, how she hates him so much, though it doesn’t stop her from loving him. Her thoughts were interrupted by an immense pain in her abdomen, which was immediately followed by liquids emerging her uterus. “Gah,” she said grabbing the attention of everyone around her. Hermione was the first to her side, “What’s wrong?” she asked her. “I think it’s time,” she panted. Everyone around her started going hectic, not really knowing what to do. Thankfully Mrs. Weasley was there to help, “Dear, do you think you will be fine if someone apparate you to St. Mungo’s?” She asked her. Adriana nodded, so Mrs. Weasley took her right arm, and Hermione took the left, and the room started to spin around her. Seconds later she was tied to a gurney and being pushed into a room. “Alright Mrs. Adriana Smith, what exactly seems to be the problem?” the doctor asked, she glared at him. “Well for one I think I’m ready to give birth,” she told him, and in that instant, as if to confirm it her baby started to kick frantically against her stomach. She was now breathing in heavy, rapid pants. “Look, doctor if you don’t get this baby out of me I swear I will…..” she started, but the pain was too much for her to finish. “Okay, Miss Smith when I say push, I would like you to push.” She nodded. “Okay and…. Push,”


She no longer felt pain; all she could hear was the frantic cries of a new born boy. “Please, give me Scorpius,” she breathed, too exhausted to be louder. The doctor handed her the child. She looked down, looking the most gorgeous baby boy in the eyes… her eyes. His body was radiating so much light; she knew then and there that he was a special child. She took the time to just study his eyes, before moving her own to his face and gasped at what she saw. He looked exactly like Draco, apart from the eyes; these were going to be some hard years for her.

We’ve been at Bill and Fleur’s for three days, well just me and Scorpius. Harry, Ron, and Hermione left yesterday, much to Scorpius’s dismay. Who was outside, in Fleur’s gorgeous backyard.

“Adriana, who is zat man zat Scorpius is talking to?” Fleur asked me, looking out of the window.

I turned towards the window immediately, and sure enough Scorpius saw that Scorpius was talking to…. Oh god no! I ran outside towards the two, wand in hand. Fleur was close behind me. I pulled Scorpius protectively behind me.

“Mommy look, it’s the nice man from the ice cream shop!” he told me excitedly.

“What did he say to you?” I asked him frantically.

“Adriana, you should really calm down. Stressing out is horrible for you.” Blaise smirked.

I snarled, “What are you doing here?” venom seeping through my voice.

“Ahh Smith, tone. But me and my friends here, were just paying a visit.” He
told me snidely. It was then that I realized there were other people behind him.

I was really getting frustrated with this, “What do you want?”

“Well you see we have a job, and this job has to be done, or else it’s not going to be good for me, you, or him,” his eyes wandered to Scorpius form.

“Uhh, Scorpius, lets go inside,” Fleur said, taking Scorpius hand.

“Not so fast pretty lady,” one of the men behind Scorpius said. They were starting to close in on us. I lifted my wand high preparing to say a spell.

“Expelliarmus,” one of the other men said, Blaise caught my wand in his hand.

“Oh no no no, you two aren’t going anywhere.” Blaise told me.

“Fleur go get Bill,” I told her and she nodded, running off.

“It will be a pity, wont it? When he comes back and you aren’t here.” Blaise
said, the smirk on his face growing.

I said nothing, I knew arguing wouldn’t help; it probably would have made things worse. Blaise and the dark haired man took my arms roughly.

“Travers grab the boy,” Blaise spat at him.
I turned around and saw that Scorpius was writhing under the force of his grip.

“Don’t you dare hurt him,” I snarled.

They merrily laughed.

“Where are we going to take them?” the one named Travers asked.

“We take them straight to him,” Blaise said.

“Where is that?” the other one asked.

“Well I heard that he is using the Malfoys as headquarters, so we take them there.” Blaise said.

I huffed reality finally hitting me. they were taking us to HIM, worst of all they were taking us to the house that I very well said I would never step foot in again. This is HELL.

Blaise smirked at me “Oh is someone nervous to see their ex-boyfriend,”

I ignored his comment, “Why are you doing this to me?” I asked him.

“Adriana isn’t it obvious. You’re the whore that broke up with me,” now it was my turn to laugh.

“What did you expect; you abused me, physically, emotionally, and mentally. I trusted you, and you broke my heart. I actually did love you.” I told him through clenched teeth.

“Cut the crap and hold tight, we’re Apparating there,” Blaise told me and we spun on the spot, Scorpius and Travers following seconds later. I looked up, and my fears were confirmed. We were right in front of that infamous Malfoy Manor. I sighed as we approached the gate.

“Who’s there?” a voice rang.

“We’ve got someone that would come to your interest.” Blaise said the excitement clear in his voice.

They shoved me and Scorpius through the gate and up the path way. I felt my nerves starting to take over as we approached the door. Blaise didn’t have to knock, for it opened itself revealing Bellatrix Lestrange.

“Whom might you have here?” she asked, looking at us in disgust.

“Well ma’am we have the girl and the child,” Travers told her.

I saw her eyes flicker with excitement. “Excellent, I shall summon him now,” she said raising her sleeve. The dark mark slithering on her left arm. “You,” she said pointing to Travers. “Take them both to Draco’s room for the time being,”

Oh god no, I can’t go up there. My arms were released and bent down to carry Scorpius in my arms. Travers walked behind me, his wand pointed at my back. I looked at Scorpius who was looking back at me with a horrified expression. We approached the door, which boldly said Draco Malfoy; I looked nervously back at Travers, who wasn’t really paying attention. I removed Scorpius from around me, and let him on the ground. I felt a wand poke me in the back.

“Well you heard the missus, get in there,” He told me.

I wanted to turn around and run, run as fast as I could with Scorpius in my arms. Instead I didn’t, I took a deep breath in and turned the knob slowly, opening the door. Revealing a sight that would be horrifying to anyone. I gasped out in surprise and quickly pulled Scorpius out of the room, closing the door as flawlessly as I did opening it.

Travers looked surprise by my latest actions, “Why are you back out here?”

“I refuse to go in there,” I told him tears forming in my eyes. How could I possibly let this get to me.


Meanwhile in Draco’s Room 2 minutes early.
Draco's POV

I plunged into her repeatedly, taking my anger out on her, like I’ve been doing for five years. I was too lost up in my thoughts to notice the door had opened lighting up the room briefly. But it was closed again quickly, accompanied by a gasp. I grunted my release and pushed off her.

“God Draco, I’m not made of steel,” Pansy said pain in her voice.

I ignored her, and pulled my boxers and pants on. Walking towards the door to let her out. Though I stopped in my tracks as I heard voices talking outside of the door.

“I refuse to go in there,” A girl said, her voice strikingly familiar.

“The missus said you must,” A man’s voice.

“I c-cant,” she shuddered; it sounded as if she was crying.

“Miss, you must,” the man told her.

“Fine,” she practically screamed. I backed away from the door knowing that someone would be walking in. The door opened slowly, and stood there horrified as I was looking at a red eyed Adriana Smith.


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