A Double Celebrity Love (Taylor Lautner love story)

need 5 comments for each chapter!!!!!!
Annabella Sophia Carr
White blond hair electric blue streaks strait
Cut Really short
Electric blue eyes
Personality: either skateboarding, roller bladeing, fighting, shopping. Writes songs like a pro. Plays electric guitar, acustic guitar ect

Chapter 1

Meet And Greet

by: RoxxyBabe
I held onto Tony's shirt. Neil was on my left, Cameron on my right. My three favorite guys. My bodyguards. Tony is black haired and 6foot 9. He has laughing green eyes and pale pale skin. Neil is 6'7 blonde hair and brown eyed. Cameron is the tallest of them all at 7 ft exactly. Brown eyes brown hair that hangs shaggily in his eyes. Lily my publicist is at my heel with her fiery red hair and green blue eyes. She is in a grey suit. Anna her daughter is following her. She
has the same hair and eyes but is in a flowered green dress.
I follow them into the gray production studio of A new t.v. Show for stars. Lily ushers me into my dressing room. In no tIme I am on stage waiting for my going to be new boyfriend . Lily wants me to. Lily wants lily gets. Taylor walks on the stage as the news caster announces we are going out. I am a famous
boxer, actress singer and dancer. Font forget I race cars. Basically everyone loves me. Taylor puts his arm over my shoulder I lay my head on his chest. "Sooo now that everyone knows that you two Are dating how do u think pple will respond?" " I think I'll probably be beat to death by Taylor fans." I laugh. "That's my bunny." until now no one new my real name only that I was dating Taylor. "Her name is...... Anna-Bella Sophia Carr. People love spending time with her
as she is a creative energetic soul. Her dad is Ricardo Gomez and her mom is Serene Justice making her Victoria Justice and Selena gomez's half sister. She grew up in Dublin Ireland but was born and was living in New Hampshire since 2008. She enjoys rock climbing excpecially free hand and playing her electric
guitar. Acting is a passion and is playing a minor roll as Jane of the Volturi in
eclipse. Now tell us something we don't know about you. You as well Taylor."
A: umm I speak fluent Irish French Spanish English Italian And
T: I used to trick my sister into thinking she was adopted
End of tv thing
A: so Taylor wuz up
t: umm I was wondering do you want to hang out some time? Like for real ?


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