The Mysterious Chili

Well, this story is a scentific method of blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and mathematics blah blah blah blah and also a hypothosis of blah blah blah blah blah Alakazam!

Chapter 1


Well hi I am a hobo named Bob. I was walking down the street. I was desperatley hungry. I saw a piece of chili on the ground. "Free chili!" I said, "Score!" I ate it. It was delicious! But it was hot. "H-ho-hooooooooottttttt!" I yelled. Many people stared. I stuck my tongue out at all of them. They all walked away. "Yeah!" I said,"You better run!" It was cold outside. I am very weird, and i think its cool to see your breath when you breath in the winter =] so I breathed heavily and fire came out. "HUH???" I said. I breathed again. Fire came out. People screamed. I jumped up and down and went to Mcdonalds. I sid,"GIMME A FREE HAMBURGER NOOOOOW!!" They said, "No way you stinky hobo get outta here or i'm gonna call the police!" I breathed fire. They said "Ok, ok!" And i got a free hamburger! Then...

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