Better Than Revenge(Naruto Characters Love/Hate Story)

Better Than Revenge(Naruto Characters Love/Hate Story)

I was just listening to Taylor Swift's Better Than Revenge. If you've heard the song then you should know what this story will be about. If you haven't then heres a little description.

You used to go out with Sasuke until Sakura stole him from you. She did it on pourpose. You two have been enemies for years. Now you act mean and annoy Sakura. Still you find love in unusual ways.

The story pic is you.

Chapter 2

No Ninjutsu Or Genjutsu But Taijutsu?

I looked out the window to see five. Maybe six kids circling around Lee. His ears were covered as the kids chanted. "You'll never become a ninja with only Taijutsu!"

"Yeah. Why don't you just quit now." Another kid agreed.

Lee's thick black eye brows furrowed. "No! I will become the best. Even if I don't have any Ninjutsu ar Ganjutsu."

I hopped out of the window and walked over to him and the chanting children. "Lee." I said softly. Lee took his hands away from his ears and looked up at me. A surprised expression was plastered on his face.

"Lets just go." I took a glance at the little kids.

"Don't you have teachers you need to see or something?" I said in a dictatoring voice.

"Uh....Yeah." A young boy studdered. He had blue ocean eyes and short black hair that fell to the side. "C'mon guys." He murmered at the others. They folowed silently giving him confused glances.

"Are you alright Lee?" I asked looking at him.

"Y-Yeah, Koni-chan." I smilled.

"Don't waist your time with him." A voice said from behind. "Once a loser always a loser."

I turned around to see Neji. "Shut up, Hyuga. Most people aren't born with talent you know." I said glarring at the arogant long hair brunette.

"And theres nothing they can do to change that." He stated simply. My teeth clentched together at his words.

"Your wrong, Neji! If I train hard enough-" Lee's speech was cut off by Neji

"It won't make a difference. You'll still be a failure. Destiny-" I cut him off.

"Don't start with your destiny crap. Destiny means nothing. Nothing can't tell you what you can and can't do." I took Lee's hand in mine and pulled him back to class.

Neji stood there. Trying to understand what I just said. "Thanks again, Koni-chan. you really saved me there."

"Don't worry about it. Plus, you don't need to call me chan." Lee blushed a little.


When we got to class I took a seat next to Lee and Tenten. "Whats going on here?" She teased. Her two brown buns looked like big ears gathering information. Either that or she was spying on me.

"Uh. What are you talking about?" I asked confused.

"Oh. Nothing." She said playing with her pencil.

I rolled my eyes at Tenten. 11 sensei's showed up infront of us. "Team Guy. Please step foreward." Iruka sensei stated.Me, Lee, and Neji stood up and walked to the fron of the class.

"This will be your new teacher." A man wearing a green jumpsuit, orange leg warmers, and had a bowl cut hair showed up. Lee would look just like him if he cut his hair. I thought glancing between the two oddballs.

"The Mighty Guy is here. Lets get this party started!" I looked away in embarresment. Is this guy really a Junin? I started to wonder. "Now, I want you all out front by 1800." Then he disappeard in a poof of smoke.

"Military time?" I said questioningly.

"He meant 6 genious." Neji hissed glarring at me.

"I knew what he meant bonehead." I hissed returning the glare.

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