Better Than Revenge(Naruto Characters Love/Hate Story)

Better Than Revenge(Naruto Characters Love/Hate Story)

I was just listening to Taylor Swift's Better Than Revenge. If you've heard the song then you should know what this story will be about. If you haven't then heres a little description.

You used to go out with Sasuke until Sakura stole him from you. She did it on pourpose. You two have been enemies for years. Now you act mean and annoy Sakura. Still you find love in unusual ways.

The story pic is you.

Chapter 26


I ran and ran deep into the forest without stopping once for rest. Deep in the forest, I slowed my pace to a steady walk. What was I doing, some may ask. To be honest, I just needed to get away. I needed to think.

Letting out a sigh, I took a seat on a near rock and glanced down at the flowers. Kiba loves me, Sasuke still has feelings for me, Neji's starting to have feelings for me, and then there's Gaara too...

I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I glanced up at the owner of the hand, and she offered me a small smile. "Why are you out here all alone?" She asked.

I looked away and back at the flowers. "Umm, thinking abot someone." I could see her come down to my level.

"Is that someone... special?"

I could feel my face heat up. I glanced up at where the woman had stood, about to reply, but she was gone.

And then a voice whispered into my ear from behind.

"I'm sorry, but I have someone special to me that I must protect." A cloth covered my mouth. Whatever was on it made my vision blurry. I could slowly feel myself losing consciousnesses. The voice spoke again.

"And by the way... I'm a boy."

Almost immediately, I fell into the darkness.

When I woke up my chest is hurting. It was a strange feeling I never had before. It burned and stung, but it felt like someone was standing on my chest. I could hear a soft voice from afar.

"Zabuza, you're hurting her."

The pressure became harder. It was getting hard to breath.

"Why would you bring this brat here, Haku?"

The man's vicious words were followed by a harsh kick. I groaned in pain as I rolled to the other side of the room. My back hit the wall and my ribs hurt. At least it was easier to breath.

I peeked through my slightly closed eyes and saw blurred figures. I could make out two people: the boy I met in the woods and Zabuza.

The boy, Haku, knealed before Zabuza and hung his head low. "I will take care of her for the time being. Your choice is the final decision." Zabuza turned his head and chuckled.

"You're too soft, Haku. You're still too soft." And he left the room with those words hanging in the air.

I took deep and shallow breaths as Zabuza left us. The tension in the room had followed him. I could hear the scraping of shoes on the wooden floor. I opened my eyes, and the massked boy was leaning over me.

My throat burned as I spoke, "Why did you bring me here?"

He felt my forehead, checked my pulse. I felt like a patient at the doctors office. Haku just continued to look me over, checking for any bruises, cuts, or sores. I watched him with half opened eyes. I felt tired, my side ached. I missed my bed.

I closed my eyes and sighed again.

"Dont test Zabuza."

I lifted my head, "What?"

Haku looked away from my bruised side. He spoke slowly, "Don't test Zabza." He gripped my forearm tightly.

"You'll die."

AN: Hey guys! As you can see I'm not dead. I just hope you all haven't forgotten me. I'm sorry I haven't been on. Alot of things have just been happening. Schoolwork, broken computer, creating my own manga, and just alot in general! But I do want to hear from you guys. I'll try to get on quibblo more often and update my stories too :D Hugs :3 Ciao!

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