Better Than Revenge(Naruto Characters Love/Hate Story)

Better Than Revenge(Naruto Characters Love/Hate Story)

I was just listening to Taylor Swift's Better Than Revenge. If you've heard the song then you should know what this story will be about. If you haven't then heres a little description.

You used to go out with Sasuke until Sakura stole him from you. She did it on pourpose. You two have been enemies for years. Now you act mean and annoy Sakura. Still you find love in unusual ways.

The story pic is you.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Mission

I had some time to kill before meeting the rest of the team at 6 so i decided to just walked around the village, bad idea. I ran into Sakura and Sasuke, literally ran into them. Sakura glared at me long and hard and i just kinda stood there stupidly. i swallowed the huge lump in my throat
"you gunna move?" I growled. Sasuke pulled his hand out of Sakura's and moved to the side. he gave me a soft look and i walked past them quickly. i glanced back and saw Sakura yelling at him and pointing at me angrily. I breathed a sigh of relief and ran into someone else., this time i fell on my butt.
"this is just not my day" i mumbled. i looked up and blew the hair out of my eyes. Kiba looked down at me.
"you gunna get up anytime soon" he chuckled.
"You gunna turn into a gentleman and help me up?" i asked. he put a fake look of thought on his help and shrugged.
"hmm, why not?" he smiled. he extended his hand and oulled me up swiftly. I ended up a few inches away from his face. i blushed and stepped backwards.
"uhm, thanks. i got to uhm go to a meeting" i stuttered. what is wrong with me i thought. he smiled and his fangs glinted in the sun. i ran off to the meeting place and was a couple minutes early. i sat against a tree and closed my eyes. when i opened them Lee was staring in my face. i jumped a little, startled by his closeness. i stood up.
"So, what's the mission guy sensei?" Lee asked looking at the goofy junin who had appeared.
"We are going to the Village Hidden in the sand to protect the Kazakage's son." He said. Neji's face hardened and his lilac eyes were orbs of intensity. i looked back at Guy and he was staring off into the distance.
"when do we leave Guy sensei" lee asked.
"now. and to make things fun we'll race" he said. Neji rolled his eyes and mumbled something. I took off in the direction of the sand village, a race would keep me entertained. Lee was on my heels in seconds. at this speed the Sand village would be in our sights sooner than expected.

~~2 days later~~
It was the last leg of our race and i could see the walls of the Sand village.
"i will not let you win so easy Koni -chan" Lee yelled behind me. i smirked, i wasn't even going as fast as i could.
"what did i tell you abut calling me chan" i asked him. he remained silent and appeared beside me with a competitive grin. i frowned as he pulled in front of me. i picked up my speed and went barreling into the village neck-and-neck with lee. i won and tried slowing down but failed and ran into a brown haired boy and then lee ran into me, creating a human pile. Lee and i were laughing hard but the boy seemed unamused. he pushed Lee off of him and stood up brushing himself off. he grabbed a white sack with a brown tuft at the top. a blonde girl with a huge fan on her back ran towards us.
"you okay kankuro?" she asked the boy. i looked up at them and the boy nodded. i felt someone pull me up from behind and turned to see a red haired boy with a gourd on his back.
"Sorry about my team mate and i's mishap. my name is Koni Sonaku and this is Rock Lee" i said. they nodded.
"oh you're the leaf nin that are here to protect Gaara. I'm Temari" the blonde girl said.
"and the perv staring at your butt is Kankuro." the red haired boy said. i turned around and blushed, glaring at Kankuro. he smirked.
"always ruining the fun little brother" he chuckled
"so that leaves you to be Gaara" i said turning to the red haired boy. he nodded and looked behind me. Guy and Neji had finally showed up.
"i see you've already met the kazakage's children" Guy said. i nodded.
"well let's go see the kazakage, shall we?" Temari said. we nodded. this should be an interesting stay.

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