To all my friends in Quibblo :]

Chapter 1

This is goodbye.

Last hope

It is a tree in the cemetery
Growing in full freedom,
Unplanted dictated by bereavement -
That floats along a humble stone.

On this tree, summer and winter,
A bird is singing clear
His song sadly true.
This tree and the bird is us:

You memory, my absence
That time - which happens - identify ...
Ah, still live at your knees!

Ah, to live again! But what, my dear,
Nothingness is my cold winner ...
At least, say, I live in your heart?

I'm leaving this Quibblo world soon.
& there's more chances that I won't come back.
But I want to say to all my friends here.
That I love you & I always will.
You guys will live in my heart.
But will I live in yours ? Tell me I will.

This is for Kelsey, Abrielle, Lauren, Alex, Honey, Derek, Julien.
I'm sorry if I forgot to mention your name. Don't hate me.
I also want to apologize if I ever hurt you with my behavior or anything.
Life continues no matter what.
I hope you all have a beautiful life, filled with joy & happiness.
I love you all.
This is goodbye.



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