The Force Chapter Two

The Force Chapter Two

Brandon is 15 is a musclely black haired brown eyed boy. he has streachablity and x-ray vision. (is intrested in Jojo(obvouisly))
Jake is 15 he has dirty blonde hair & blue eyes musclely. he has super-speed, walks through walls & shape shifts. (shown in image above)
Jess is Jakes lil sister she has long dirty blonde hair & blue eyes. she controls the element of fire.

Chapter 1

The Escape (Jojos POV)

by: KF93
the plan was that,since we were new and they havent given us our power retaining braclets, i teleported out of the cell and grabed keys to all the cells off the gaurds belt all sneaky like. Once i released the other 3 Link then took down all the men aournd our cell and Kat turned invisible and shut down all the camaras (she was always natrualy good with computers). Once the camaras were down, Brandon found a key to the bracelets. When Link, Brandon and i were done with our jobs we all met up with Kat to find a way to Jake and Jess's cell. When we did i Teleported to them. "B!" Jess yelled "oh my gosh you know im ilergic to bees!! wher?! where!?" Jake Paniced "Jake! dude its me calm down! ha" Brandon laughed. "DUDE WH-," he stoped and looked right at Kat. "Whos your new friend?" he asked curiously "Well this is Jojo" he said taking my hand and pulling me up next to him. (i admit i blushed a little) "Hello there" i said "This is Link" he said as he jesterd to Link "Sup-" Jake started "Hi my name is Jess" the girl inturuped with a smile "Hi" Link replyed with a bigger smile "Ya, ya but who is she?" he whispered to Brandon (i guess he thought we couldnt hear him or something) "Thats Kat, She can read minds!" Brandon said trying not to laugh. "ooohhhhh. . . . would have been nice to know. Ha. also did yall just come up here to chat or are yall gonna let us out?" Jake replied sarcasticly. "Oh sorry, here" i said as i opened the gate. The next think i knew i felt i huge gust wind nock me over. Brandon, of course, cought me before i hit the ground. "WHAT WAS THAT?" i asked in shock "That was Jake, he likes to show off his speed infront of girls he likes." he whispered. "oohhhhh...." i said as soon as i said that he ran up to Kat and took her hand and kissed it "Hello there has anyone ever told you that you look like an angel?" at that moment Kats face turned firetruck red "umm..well ... uhh..... no.." she finally spit out. 'very smooth Kat' i thought knowing she whould hear me. she gave me a look and i knew to shut up. "i would also like to point out that i can change fourms" he said in a boasty manner. Kat looked puzzeled "why did you need to point that our?" she asked he bulshed "to impress you...if its working i can also walk through walls." "Well color me impressed" she replied with a gigle. While Kat and Jake were talking a random janitor saw all of us randomly sitting outside our cell with no bracelets. Yeaaa... he panicked and screamed like a girl which clearly warned us that guards would be there soon. "QUICK! grap hands!!" i shouted. as soon as everyone was holding hands i focused on a safe location and BAM everything when dark.


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