Hogwarts: The Next Generation

Hogwarts: The Next Generation

This is the story of Teddy and her misadventure's at Hogwarts.

Chapter 1

I make a huge mistake that possibly changed my life

I walked down the crowded station. People all around me were waving goodbye to there children and mother's where sobbing. Kids were laughing and chattering, obiviously talking about there summer holidays. The scarlet steam engine was letting out smoke every few minute's and an imapatiant man standing on the foot of it was yelling every few seconds, "ALL ABOARD!"
Wow. I thought . I was finally here!
"Earth to Teddybear! Anyone home?" asked a boys' voice. I smirked in disgust by the name my bother used. My stupid nickname,'Taddybear'. My brother rinned back at me,not an ordinar grin a evil looking one. His sandy blonde hair kept on flying into his eyes which were bright brown, nearly golden.
"Buzz of Jack" I said to him. He looked at me and pretend to put on a face of utter disbelief.
"Well really! You don't have to be rude!" he said sarcasticaly. I pushed him aside and waled into someone else.
She was tall for her age,14 by the looks of it. Her honey coloured hair was in a single plait.It matched perfectly to her blue eyes.
"Sorry Meg!" I said. She looked at me smiling.
"Are you nervous? You know that they chuck people into the lake if they get in trouble! Just ask Jack, he'll tell you!"
I looked at her in horror.
"Meggie stop scaring her! She's only a first year." said dad, half amused half annoyed" They won't throw you in the lake Teddy no need to worry." I gulped.
"Yeah..they throw you in the Forbidden Forest! I heard there wee centuar's there that don't care if the kill you!"whispered Jack in my ear.
"Idiot don't scare her like that!" said my other brother's voice.
Red looked like a miny verson of my dad. Straight dark brown hair and hazel eyes. It was scary how much they looked alike and how diffrent they where. Dad was wasn't that good at stugying, Red was. Dad was massivly popular, Red had about 6 best friends.
"ALL ABOARD!!" shouted the conductor's voice, ringing above all the noise. People started to board the train.
"Well..I'll write every single week! Have you got every thing? Oh my, everything is going to be so lonely with out you!" Dad sounded chocked. He bent over and kissed be on the forehead.
"You'll be your moher's good girl won't you? Try not to get into trouble and try to keep Jack out of trouble." I giigled as he whispeared the last bit urgently in my ear. The he looked around. We all started yelling to him and saying our last goodbyes.
"Bye! Meg look after your sister! Red try to keep everyone safe, Jack don't get another letter home and Teddy! Be brave, Hogwart's is great!" he yelled.
"OKAY!" I yelled back. I quickly got on. Just in time to. The train started moving. I smiled and stepped in the red carpeted corridor.
This is it! I thought. I'm of to Hogwarts!
I looked around for a minute or two, trying to find a compartment. The only one near empty was one with boy's sitting in it. The one closest to the window was lying back on the seat with his leg's extendedout onto the other seat. He had silvery blonde hair plastered to his smirking face. His eye's were cold with hate and it was obvious that he did not want to be there. The boy next to him was tall ad skinny with a horrible case of acne. The boy on the far end had messy gorrila like hair and huge musles. He reminded be of a monkey I had say once that had lept up onto a tyre swing. The tyre swing broke, unable to with stand it's waight and the monkey walked away looking guilty.
"May I sit here?" I asked. I firgured that if i acted brave then maybe the would try to harrass me.
The skinny boy looked at me then at the blonde boy as if gainning permission. The blonde boy nodded.
"Yes." said the skinny boy to me. I walked in the compartment. One hand was pulling my trunk, the other holding a photo album my father had given me on the trip there. I hauled my trunk onto the luggage rack. You would think that wizard's would have a magic luggage think but no, wizard's believed in manual labour.
The blonde boy moved his legs and I sat down next to the window staring out at the tree's passing by. A few minute's of silence passed by and then the blonde boy decided to speak. What a big mistake he made.
"What's with your hair? Are you intenionaly trying to look ugly?" he asked with a smirk on his face. My hand quickly went to my hair. I guess it was kind of weird compared to the rest of my family who were ethier blonde's or dark brunette's. My hair was kind of like a brown but it looked so muck like blonde.
"Yeah, what colour is it?" asked the gorilla boy.
"Light brown! and it is not ugly!" I snapped at them.
"Who are you? A mud blood?" asked the blonde boy.
"No! I'm a pure blood you idiot!"
"Oh really, sorry I was mistaken for your..um..accent!" when he said that all the boys in the room started laughing.
"You know, in some countries that's considered rude!" I yelled and flung myself on him. It was like a cat fight except the blonde didn't know how to fight well. I started pulling at his hair and kicking him. I even managed to punch him in the nose and it started to bleed. He tried to trip me over but instead i stepped on his foot, crushing it. His two friends who were to suprised before tried to pull me back. Instead I fell onto the ground and hit my head against the seat. Quickly getting up I tried to launck myself at him but the gorilla tripped me. To defend my face from getting rearrange by the seat I put my arm out and fell on it and the edge of the seat.
A searing pain went up my arm. I screamed so loud that several other people came running to our compartment to see to what all the noise was about. What they say must of shockd them a bit.
I was sitting on the floor my arm in a not so normal shape. The blonde kid was clutching his nose and his sprained arm, panting. The skinny boy was sucking the cut on his hand and the gorilla was trying to stop the bruise on his leg from bleeding so much.
A boy with black hair who looked about 12 stepped in. Next to him was my brother Jack.
"Um..Teddy? What happened?" he asked caustiously.
"I'll tell you what happeded the girl sprained my arm! Wait till I tell father!" said the blonde boy.
"Shut up Scorpio! You obviosly broke her's" snapped Jack.
"Get out of the way! What's all this commotion about?" asked a familiar voice. Red came pushing through the small crown of about 15 people.
"She sprained my arm!" accused Scorpio.
"He broke mine Red!"
"Shut up both of you. Teddy I need to speak to you later." I gulped. I hated Red's lecture's. They were so long and boring.
Red walked up to me and drew his want. He pointed it at my arm and said something like, "Episkey!" My arm fixed its self but painfully to. Then he went over to the boy's and muttered something. All there wound's and cut's were healed.
"There is nothing to see here! Go back to your compartments! I'm a prefect!" as he said the last word's he pointed at a badge on his chest with the letter 'P' written on it. People started walking back and muttering.Red turned to me with a diaspponted look on his face.
"Teddy, come sit with me.." he muttered. I nodded and reached for my album and trunk which were both in the luggage holder. While I was gathering my stuff, I perpously knocked a heavy bag on Scorpio's leg's and said evily, "Oh sorry, didn't see you".
Then I followed my brother out. I could here Scorpio muttering something like, "Just you wait!" as I walked out of the door.
As we waled down the isle Red talked.
"If you do that again, you might get into trouble! I have to report you. You will probably get 3 week's of detention as well as Scorpio, i mean..what were you thinking? Keep this up and you'll be like Jack!"
Some people were looking at us with a puzzeled look on there face. In about a minute we reached Red's copartment. To my suprise there were about 6 other people in it.
"Good job Ted, the git deserved it!" said Jack happily. I grinned and went to sit down next to the window. A boy with jet back hair and amazing reen eye's shuffled over so I could have some room.
"Jack, don't encorage her! I'm going to the prefect's comaprtment. Teddy, staay out of trouble!" said Red and left. Meg had got up and put my trunk in the lougage rack which was nearly packed. She then saw my album.
"What's this Ted?" asked Meg.
"Shouldn't you introuduce me to these people first?" I asked.
"Hi! I'm Albus Severus, you can call me Al!" said the boy who had moved over to make room for me. I smiled.
How little did I know that that single name was going to change my entire world.

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